Business Excellence Awards 2023

12 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Feb23054 Debt Collection Agency of the Year 2023 - UK Founded in 2009, Nightfox Investigations and Debt Recovery Ltd. offers recovery services for personal, commercial, and international debt. Its 5-star rating on Trustpilot is a testament to its efficient and professional services. Collecting debt nationwide across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the company believes in putting right the wrongs of debtors and helping clients put their hard-earned money back in their pockets. Nightfox offers face-to-face debt recovery services for businesses and individuals that are owed money by debtors that refuse to pay and are unwilling to communicate. When the company sets out to collect debt on clients’ behalf, it will not stop until it gets every penny back to who it rightfully belongs to. It uses ethical techniques and technology to get the best results, always prioritising clients’ reputations. Its team can be trusted to maintain professionalism and a high level of confidentiality throughout the whole process. Many debt collection companies are not backed by a solid financial history, often they have outstanding debt, county court judgements, and have failed to submit accounts on time. Unlike its competitors, Nightfox has an impeccable credit history. The agency values complete transparency when it comes to its business and history, which is why it publishes its official Credit Safe rating so that clients can see that it truly stands against debt. For this reason, it has an excellent reputation in its industry. Many of Nightfox’s clients have tried Small Claims Court or the Money Claim Online service with no success. They often feel trapped by the legal systems in place throughout the UK and decide to use a debt collection agency as a last resort. While letters and emails can be opened and forgotten, debtors cannot ignore a real person stood in front of them. This is why Nightfox uses traditional doorstep face-to-face debt collection techniques, forcing debtors to take the client seriously. The company employs people from all walks of life, including many who are ex-military or former police officers. All staff are highly trained and have the necessary skills to get clients’ money back effectively, assisting them in a speedy and professional manner with high success rates. Nightfox refuses to be beaten by debtors. It carries out personal collections until the cash has been fully recovered or every avenue has been exploited. Unlike Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement teams, Nightfox’s debt collectors do not let clients down. In many cases, debtors who haven’t repaid a client owe money to other creditors too. In the UK, some consumers and businesses see their large debts as inconsequential, so they continue to rack up more debt with other entities. Using tailored debt collection techniques, Nightfox strives to prevent these debtors from getting away with non-payment. No matter how old the debt is, as long as the agency can legally undertake it, Nightfox’s team of expert collectors will treat full repayment as a priority. Even when debtors have disappeared from their previous address, the company will use its superb investigation techniques to track them down. It has travelled across the world to recover debt from individuals who previously thought they had gotten away with non-payment. One of Nightfox’s first objectives is to open a line of communication with the debtor, which is usually what the client is lacking. This is commonly because the debtor is prioritising other creditors. Nightfox sets out to ensure that its clients are on their debtor’s mind first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The company believes that those who shout the loudest get paid first. When clients choose to work with Nightfox, they can count on a straightforward experience. Before taking on a case, the company puts time and effort into assessing the client’s situation and making sure it understands the full extent of their debt. This way, clients’ time and money will not be wasted on chasing deceased or imprisoned debtors. The team will begin working on the client’s case promptly, usually within 24 hours. An upfront quote will be provided with no hidden fees to follow, ensuring clients know exactly how much the services will cost. These fees are fully recoverable – a fixed fee to cover expenses and administration will be added to what the debtor owes. Additionally, all customers of Nightfox gain access to an interactive portal, through which they can access all contractual information and updates on any progress that has been made with the case. This includes details about debtor visits, filming of debtors during these visits, information about the money received so far, and an outline of the next steps that will be taken. Clients will not be left in the dark when they work with Nightfox. As a result of its expert debt collection services, Nightfox Investigations and Debt Recovery Ltd. has won Debt Collection Agency of the Year, UK, in the Business Excellence Awards 2023. Moving forwards, the agency is working to improve its real time information gathering and IT processes, striving to always be one step ahead of competitors. Nightfox is also planning to open offices in the USA, which has been its goal for several years. The office will be located in Tampa and will cover Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. In the future, the company plans to further expand to other southern states. There is no doubt that the agency will continue to change people’s lives by ensuring they receive the money they are owed at no cost with minimal stress. Contact: Phillip Dunn Company: Nightfox Investigations & Debt Recovery Ltd Web Address: