Business Excellence Awards 2021

4 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2021 Feb21442 Best Workplace Training Provider 2021 – UK Located in Hull, Portull Training Services Ltd. was founded in January 2007 to meet the demanding needs of the ports industry with regards to plant and machinery training. Since formed, Portull has become a well-established, high-quality training organisation with demonstrably successful models of delivery that provide a pathway for all its learners. PTS maintain and continue to build strong links with regional colleges, educational awarding bodies and customers and develop significantly broader ranges of training solutions to meet other industries. ith a company philosophy based on the belief that the needs of its customers are of the utmost importance, Portull’s entire team is committed to developing economic growth through structured community support, development and partnership working. The training provider is now looking to move forward, be more strategic and consolidate its key position to be the “Trainer of Choice” for specialist plant and equipment across a broad range of market sectors; developing “Portull Group” to incorporate its sister company HPLA and offer onward employment. The Portull Group not only develop and train staff for our customers, 90% of Portull Staff are a result of attending and successfully completing their funded courses. Once employed Portull and HPLA develop and mentor each employee in their chosen field for example, as an example Tutors, Instructors, Assessors, Administration and Front of House. Portull encourage staff members to progress to senior roles and management levels. During 2020, Portull trained 4 employees to a category level four (Train the Trainer) with the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB), with one staff member going on to be one of only 40 in the country to deliver the Train the Trainer courses with the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) to provide the next generation of practical training specialists, recently developing staff to become duel accredited. Portull performs a pivotal role in responding to the dynamic skills and employment needs in its local area. Portull has forged strong extensive links within the Humber and York, North Yorkshire and East Riding regions and obtained strong alliances with a network of voluntary and community organisations. This ensures they maintain a responsive attitude to emerging opportunities and agile to referral agents. Their clients’ needs carefully calibrating the position it occupies and maintaining a flexible Pathway to the Employment programmes it offers; providing a clear line of sight for unemployed people to gain paid employment. The company works with over 500 small, medium and large employers to ensure occupational currency is retained, specific skills needed to respond to the emerging roles and vacancies that W employers have. It retrains current staff, trains and recruits new staff in direct response to employer need. Responding to emerging employer needs, especially around the Humber Ports sector where job opportunities are plenty and somewhat varied, has seen Portull engage in a capital investment programme. This engagement has required Portull to develop state- of-the-art facilities and purchase equipment of industry standard to enable the business to teach real and occupationally relevant skills to learners. To supplement Portull’s support, assistive technology, specialist support and other reasonable adjustments in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 Partnerships are formed from a wider range of external agencies. The primary mechanism for referral of Portull’s offer is through its key referral agents such as job centres, community and voluntary groups and local authority funded organisations. Portull’s staff actively work with the community to offer immediate skills-based opportunities to job seekers, either through its successful programmes or other ranges of qualifications. Portull’s commitment to stakeholder engagement provides the business with the insight to adapt and flex to dynamic labour market needs with a service offer that has both relevance and currency with employer skills requirements, roles and vacancies. As a result of the strength of their relationships, Portull performs a demonstrably successful role in assisting business and economic growth, helping to tackle unemployment and addressing wider social issues. An example of engagement includes continual investment into its equipment and training centre, allowing it to offer more courses in an authentic workplace environment. Renovation of the original equipment and cranes that were part of the building saw them incorporated back into the building’s history, preserving the heritage of the site. The company also paid for a mural to be painted on the buildings to further celebrate the site and shipping and fishing heritage of the local area. In engaging and supporting learners, Portull has adopted a comprehensive approach to identifying skills needs to maximise positive outcomes. Learners are given information, advice and