Business Excellence Awards 2021

36 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2021 Best Swiss-Made E-Commerce Platform 2021 wiss Made Direct is the oldest and the original Swiss-made e-commerce platform, serving the international market with products not supplied anywhere but in the country itself. In this way, it is highly proficient in rising to the demands of the ever-fluctuating international import/ export world, and its primary core value is its dedication to keep up with this. Principally, this value has not changed since its inception; customers from all over the globe can use its services to order and received original Swiss products and the information about them, sharing not just the physical product, but the culture behind it. Because of this, Swiss Made Direct is a proud company that prizes the reliability and authenticity of its work. Furthermore, Swiss Made Direct has funnelled significant effort into becoming and remaining as climate neutral as possible in its work – all of its employees and customers have a personal, in-depth respect for the environment and their impact upon it – and so, its every operation takes into account the impact on the wider planet. By making ecological awareness a key tenant and cornerstone of its business, it is spreading a positive influence amongst its market segment that it hopes more of its competitors will adopt. Fundamentally, its clients are those who are curious about Swiss snacks and culture, or Swiss expats who are hankering for a taste of home. In serving both of these groups and more, it has developed rigorous, professional, and empathic customer service within the company that can answer any comments, questions, or concerns. Knowing that many customers share concerns about the origin and quality of online goods, Swiss Made Direct works hard to allay any fears by answering any commentary via its social media, email, or S other online channels. In this way, clients can expect an experience different from many others; Swiss Made Direct will put time aside for every single customer in order to reassure them that their business is valued and respected. Its staff have also played a massive role in its success over the years. This is both thanks to their offering of this brilliant customer service, and thanks to the passion and love they have for their work; each member of its team is excited to share Swiss products with a wider market and ensure that each treat lives up to the reputation for excellence that Swiss products often carry with them. Consequentially, the team are aware that they are representing Sweden in every delivery, as well as the brand itself, and the result is an e-commerce brand that is dedicated to the simple yet invaluable task of making people happy. Of course, during the course of the pandemic, Swiss Made Direct has encountered some specific challenges that shook the business. In such a time of global strife, the business took a back foot as it concentrated on supporting its staff and their families, but it was successful in pulling through due to the diligence of its team and the great producers and companies that it works with. For the rest of 2021 and the years to come, it will be continuing to develop this outstanding network and garner yet more recognition for sharing Swiss products with the international market. Furthermore, as always, it will be retaining its staunch commitment to quality – forever looking to develop as a business in the products that it offers and increasing its product range, listening to the feedback and the suggestions of its customers. It will also be working on further optimising its shipping channels. In this way, it will see itself remaining a going concern in the international market. An e-commerce platform selling original Swiss treats to the international market, Swiss Made Direct is bringing its country’s cultural snacks to a wider market. Operating with a dedication to streamlining itself and bettering its services, it hopes to continue expanding its reach over the next few years. May21402 Company: Contact: Yves Beljean Website: