Business Excellence Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Business Excellence Awards 25 Best Component Level Electronic Repair Specialists - Southern UK Feb20403 DR Electronics comes from the acronym for Test, Diagnose, Repair. In every respect, this is the core of Kieron’s business, and sums up the methodical way in which he operates. Called upon to find problems and solutions in a wide range of devices, whether analogue or digital, in a wide range of industries, from the railways to the medical, Kieron has proven the usefulness of his services time and time again. The importance of electronic circuit cards cannot be underestimated, and the problems that can occur if they have a fault could be incalculable. Operating as a sole trader has allowed Kieron the flexibility to serve not only an array of different clients with a host of different requirements, but build a reputation as one of the most effective operators in the industry. Each contract is unique, requiring special attention to ensure not only that Kieron is able to deliver what is required, but what is needed. Tools, for example, are often provided by larger organisations. Smaller clients, however, often don’t have the resources to supply these and over the last ten years, Kieron has invested over £25K in TDR Electronics’ own toolkit, which includes tools software and test equipment. This means that he is able to undertake any work for anybody. Establishing what is necessary has been a challenge, and plain speaking and clarity are the order of the day. Honesty always comes first and foremost in Kieron’s mind. Where some companies would try and bluff their way into a contract, Kieron would rather walk away from a contract he is not qualified to do. As a small business, TDR Electronics is often seen as an unknown quantity, and remaining honest is the most effective way of not only securing a contract but establishing a business relationship that can last for years to come. The reputation of TDR Electronics has taken years to cultivate and could be undone in a matter of seconds if not treated carefully. Most of the contracts that TDRElectronics undertakes are found through LinkedIn, with a month’s notice given before the end of a contract that Kieron is once again ready for work. The success of the business can be seen in the requests that he receives, with clients in the defence and aviation sectors each wanting to know if he is available. Finding faults is an essential part of developing electronic circuit boards, with the parts being of such high fidelity that a specialist is required to make the necessary repairs. Kieron Higgs of TDR Electronics Ltd. is perfectly equipped to complete all the work required in this field to an exceptionally high level. As we delve deeper into Business Excellence, we take a closer look at this one-man-band of an operation to see how he has achieved such impressive results. T In the future, Kieron is hoping to expand his work at TDR Electronics into one that works in partnership with a larger company, either UK based or overseas. Despite his considerable success as a freelance contractor, repairing faulty products that are under warranty would allow him the freedom to hire extra staff. Naturally these new staff would have to match the lofty standards that Keiron has already set at TDR Electronics. For Kieron, honesty has not only proven to be the best policy, but the key to excellence. Always in demand from a range of different companies, his services have proven time and time again to be critical to other business’ success. It’s no wonder that TDR Electronics has developed an unparalleled reputation within the field of electronic repair. Contact: Kieron Higgs Email: Web Address: