Business Excellence Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Business Excellence Awards 19 o start, Nahid gives us a brief insight into Journey Around the Globe and the type of clients with whom she typically works with. “Journey Around the Globe is a personal travel blog which started back in 2010 but I added frequent content after my family, and I moved to Belgium for three years where we travelled extensively. So far, with 63 countries under my belt, I have enjoyed posting my experiences on new cities and countries. Usually, I work with clients who want to share their business links on my blog for a fee. All of these clients are usually travel related businesses, like hotels, cruise ships, outdoor gear, and etc. In addition to that, as a professional photographer, I have a passion for travel and landscape photography.” As a travel blogger, Nahid has worked alongside clients to provide a platform for companies who want to advertise their web presence for a short time. She added “Typically, I've worked with people who want to put their logos on the front page for a certain amount of time for a fee and their company logo links to their website or business. In addition, I have accepted sponsored posts for my site where clients would share their links in a post (usually written by them) in exchange of a fee.” Being a blogger, Nahid understands the joy of sharing your travel experiences with readers and as she goes on to explain her blog can act as a platform for others to gain exposure to their journals. “I regularly take free guest posts, where the writer is not really sharing any business links, but rather wants a platform to expose their own blogs.” Blogging since 2010, Nahid is no stranger to writing for free, but as she goes on to explain the end result for all concerned is the most important. “My ongoing strategy is to encourage new writers to write for free, so that it keeps the site statistics high. That way when I get sponsored posts, the clients get more exposure for the money. Ultimately, it’s a winwin situation for all of us, the amateur writer, the business, and myself.” Currently, there are thousands of travel blogs available on the internet, some very well written while others are not that informative. As Nahid points out, the main reason behind starting Journey Around the Globe was to address the balance between the two. “In my blog, I like to give my honest opinion of a place with practical information, like providing tips on going somewhere solo as a woman or going somewhere with children.” As a blogger, Nahid argues providing honest and detailed information from her travel experiences is the most important thing she has Established in 2010 by Nahid Sultana, Journey Around the Globe is a personal travel blog designed to inform readers about the best countries and cities to visit around the world. Following her success in the Business Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Nahid to find out more. Most Entertaining Personal Travel Blog - Pacific Northwest USA T learnt. “I know the fear of going to a new place without knowing how everything works there. A strongly written post which is accompanied with good quality photographs makes for a fantastic post.” Social media has played a huge role in Nahid’s career to date with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest giving her the opportunity to broaden her horizons. Being able to promote her blog on these platforms, is something she is truly appreciative of. “Initially one of my biggest challenges was to make sure I was getting enough digital exposure but through using social media I have been able to attract more readers and audiences.” Finally, Nahid comments on her future and what kind of plans she has in place for 2020 and beyond. “My future aspiration is to work with big online travel companies, like TripAdvisor or Viator where I can share my experiences on all the places I've travelled to. Going forward I would like to visit at least two or three countries this year, including Columbia, Tunisia, and maybe Jamaica.” Company Name: Journey Around the Globe Contact Name: Nahid Sultana Telephone Number: 503-819-6090 Web Address: