Business Excellence Awards 2020

10 Acquisition International - 2020 Business Excellence Awards aprie Ltd have been keeping workplaces and employees safe and helping you comply with legislation since 2008. They are a multi-faceted company specialising in the supply of safety nets, Elenet™ pallet rack containment nets and pallet containment nets. With over 10 years of experience in providing safety solutions to businesses throughout Australasia, the team are highly knowledgeable and have worked with hundreds of companies. Gary Priestley, Owner and Director (Australasia’s only FASET Trainer), draws on his 30+ years’ experience in construction and roofing in UK and Ireland. Bringing his experience of both these industries along with his health and Safety knowledge to New Zealand, has helped to grow the business in both construction and warehouse safety. Jenny Steward, Business Development Manager, has been an international trader for over 15 years. Dealing in many industrial products. Liaising with suppliers through to end use customers. Working to develop, find and bring to market, various items. Jenny is a real people person and enjoys dealing with a wide range of people in different industries, a big part of her role at Gaprie. Since the partnership of Gary and Jenny, Gaprie Ltd have designed and developed Gaprie’s innovative new products – Elenet™ and P.C.Nets™ Gaprie Ltd developed and Patented P.C. Nets™ in 2018 and gained worldwide interest quickly, eliminating the need for single use shrink wrap when transporting and storing goods at height, whilst keeping employee and customer safety in mind. This product comes at a perfect time as countries worldwide reach to meet their sustainable goals by reducing single use plastic on pallets. P.C.Nets™ have become world recognised since winning the Packaging Innovations award for the Eco Pack Challenge 2020, held in Birmingham U.K., with judges finding our P.C.Net™ an alternative to single use plastic stretch wrap, a winning formula for re-usable, sustainable product in packaging for 2020. “Our P.C. Net is a more robust and secure alternative to securing your product onto pallets. Our P.C. Net™ will contribute to your company becoming more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly” says company founder Gary Priestley. Company: Gaprie Ltd Website: Gaprie Ltd: Best Eco-Friendly Pallet Wrap Solutions Provider 2020 G Introducing the P.C. Net™ to your business means no more having to replace shrink wrap every time you take product off your pallet. Instead, you can simply pull down the P.C. Net™, take required cartons/product off, replace the P.C. Net™, then secure it again. Even better, it’s available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. The design of the P.C Net™ means that it can be used quickly and easily by just one person thanks to the elasticated edging which ensures a tight fit all around to keep product from moving. The P.C. Nets™ are already proving to be a popular choice for businesses across New Zealand and Australia., and now the UK. If you make the move to the Gaprie P.C. Net™, you will not only be saving time and money, you’ll be helping to reduce the damage that plastic is having on the environment.