2017 Business Excellence Awards

96 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 BE170157 Best Administrative Agency 2017 - Sweden Statistics Sweden Statistics Sweden main task is to develop, produce and disseminate statistics to customers for decisionmaking, public debate and research. It is mainly assigned these tasks by the government and different agencies, but it also has customers in the private sector and among researchers. Statistics Sweden also coordinates the system for official statistics in Sweden. A minor but important task is to help other countries to improve their process. Statistics Sweden as well as other government authorities face huge challenges: more should be done with less resources - and with higher quality. To cope with these challenges, they need to improve how to work with management as well as leadership. Facts show that with the current ways of working, they only manage to utilize about 20-40 percent of managers and staff’s true potential. Reasons for this are e.g. poorly defined goals, strategies, roles, responsibilities, methods, systems and processes. This applies both within and between departments, as well as up and down the organizations. To solve these problems Statistics Sweden offered Martin a free-role to create a tailor-made support. His support has released this untapped potential and has led to powerful effects. Since 2012, he works as an executive coach/consultant/advisor in the organization. The long-term goal is to transform how the agency works with management and leadership to improve results for its users and to make the process more efficient. Martin was offered this role due to his outstanding results in his previous duties. He has long experience in improving organizations, top- management teams and managers in how to use fact- based methods to accomplish excellent results. Both for themselves, their employees, their customers, their business and in their lives. “The support I have created is based on my underlying principle: “As managers lead themselves, they lead others. As they lead others, they lead the groups. As they lead groups, they lead teams. As they lead teams, Statistics Sweden´s main task is to develop, produce, and disseminate statistics to customers for decision making, public debate and research. We invited Martin Lagerström to tell us more about the agency and the range of services it provides. We rewarded the agency with this award for Martin´s outstanding work in how to improve its and other agencies leadership for better results. Company: Statistics Sweden Contact: Martin Lagerström Contact Email: martin.lagerstrom@scb.se Address: Karlavägen 100, Stockholm, 104 51, Sweden Phone: 0046 70 240 43 32 they lead entire businesses and organizations. It is like the links in a chain. It hangs together”, says Martin. The support Martin has developed to agencies creates excellent results for each link in this chain. It is not a coincidence that the approaches in his support produce these results as they are 1. research-/fact-based 2. proven to be best-practice within each area 3. practical to use 4. comprehensive to both breadth and depth 5. system-based “I can also say that I am walking my talk as I have applied these methods with great results myself. Both as a manager, senior management consultant as well as being a former elite sports champion. They just help to feel and function better in life”, adds Martin. Statistics Sweden works hard to achieve high quality in every aspect of its work, including its approach and how it provides statistics to its users. However, the agency understands that this is not enough if “Many agencies from both Sweden and around the world want to learnmore about Martin´s work.”

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