2017 Business Excellence Awards

88 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 BE170141 Logistics Solutions Provider of the Year & Sustained Excellence in Same Day Courier Services - UK diamondlogistics Drawing on over 25 years’experience, diamond’s niche is SME’s that acknowledge that logistics is crucial to their business. All of these clients understand that it not their core discipline and can be efficiently outsourced; often resulting in an increase in their service delivery to their clients. Kate explains the importance of supporting these clients and how the firm works to offer them the very highest possible standards of service. “Here at diamond, we are invested in each and every one of our clients’ despatches, which helps us to retain our great clients. As our clients have grown, so have we. We put client service as our highest priority. The diamond team always take pride in over delivering to exceed expectations.” The excellence of the firm’s team is crucial to its success. Kate discusses her own experience and how she draws on this to support the firm as it continue to grow and thrive in this vital market. Our collective experience runs to hundreds of years in the diamond Network. This extensive knowledge in all sectors of logistics has enabled us to template best practice and exclude inefficient business practices – plus build a business model that incorporate my core beliefs around Shared Success © –scaling our business with a partnership model via franchising. This symbiotic relationship is essential for longevity and diamondlogistics partner with businesses to deliver their promises and profits with its one stop logistics solutions. We invited Kate Lester to tell us more. Company: diamondlogistics Contact: Kate Lester Contact Email: Kate@diamondlogistics.co.uk Address: Unit 3C, Henley Business Park, Pirbright Road, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 2DX, UK Phone: 01483 536 888 Website: diamondlogistics.co.uk excellence in service delivery.” As with many markets, having a strong team behind you is vital to ensuring success in logistics, as Kate discusses. “Chose the right team is vital to our success; it is easy to fall into the trap of a quick hire. However, it is better to find someone that fits in with your culture and understands your company values. There is no point cramming in a piece of the puzzle which doesn’t connect with the ones around it. “Once we have hired them, we work hard to train our staff. At diamond, we give all the diamond team regular training, ensuring quality and efficiency. Supporting your team is also vitally important. You need to make it absolutely clear that the culture in your business is one that tackles problems head on. The little dips should be shared as much as the success.” Moving forward, diamond has a strong focus on growth and expansion in order to build upon its current success, as Kate proudly concludes. “Looking ahead, at diamond we have our 2020 vision, which is to be in the top 3 courier companies in Europe. Sharing success and giving great service to everyone that uses us is also central to this focus. We love retention, both of great people and great clients. And we are the only courier and fulfilment franchise in the UK that caters for the growing ecommerce business. That is literally trillions of pounds worth of spend. By the end of 2017, we want 40 sites across the country and to launch a national network in 2018.” “At diamond, we give all the diamond team regular training , ensuring quality and efficiency .”

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