2017 Business Excellence Awards

84 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 Best Aviation Cargo & Ground Handling Services Provider - Brazil Swissport Swissport provides services on behalf of some 835 client-companies and handles around 230 million passengers and 4.1 million flights per year. The company operates around 133 warehouses and moves approx. 4.3 million tonnes of cargo. José outlines the range of services the company offers and how it works to provide the very highest standards of service. “Swissport Ground Handling has been in Brazil for 20 years, a little less in the Cargo business. We do provide services to a wide array of Airline customers, both Domestic and International; we are the Market leader in Brazil. Our footprint covers the main twelve (12) airports in the Country which represent over 70% of all air traffic. Our customers have a high level of requirements and expectations expressed in their SLAs (Service Level Agreements) which we fulfil with a high degree of reliability, consistency and innovation of our operations. “When we start working with a new client we translate the SLA in to specific operating models for our customers which are reinforced continuously through trainings and audits to ensure consistency. We conduct formal meetings with our customers to discuss the frequency of reviews, metrics and jointly develop action plans as part of our philosophy of continuous improvement which follows the universally recognized PDCA [Plan Do Check Adjust] model.” Operating in such a competitive market, Swissport recognises the value of its staff and is a people- focused organisation, as without its talented workforce the firm would be unable to meet its goals and achieve its vision. As such, the firm focus on the principles of sustainability and compliance, living by the “Three Ps”: people, professionalism and partnership. The ongoing professional development of the people within the Swissport family ensures that: the firm shows respect towards its people and their Swissport is the world’s largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry. We invited José Canales to tell us more. Company: Swissport Contact: José Canales Contact Email: Jose.Canales@swissport.com Address: Flughofstrasse 55, 8152 Glattbrugg, Schweiz, CH-8058, Switzerland Phone: 00593 262 9533 Website: www.swissport.com BE170138 values, whilst not compromising on safety and work with enthusiasm and enjoyment. It also enables Swissport to become pioneers; working constantly on achieving sustainable results, the firm can creatively explore new options and improved solutions as it continually strives to exceed the expectations of its clients and commitments, delivering excellent service in any place at any time, and offer a unique array of solutions, as José explains. “Swissport has diversified the portfolio of activities in Brazil, going beyond ramp services to meet all possible customer needs. One example, the services to special needs passenger (which includes wheelchair service, etc). In Cargo the handling of merchandise distributed to the shops at the airport coupled with documentation service. We build and maintain our relationships with our customers through constant interaction and team building exercises to capture their vision, ideas and needs.” Overall, Swissport is recognized as the benchmark in terms of value for money, customer dedication, and cost management. The company has established a global reputation for being a valued business partner, not only because of its financial resources and modern ground support equipment, but also due to its intangible assets, particularly management expertise and a brand name that stands for superior quality. Moving forward, maintaining these exceptional standards will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it seeks to build upon its current success, as José concludes. “Looking ahead, with the airlines looking closely at their internal costs, the opportunities of outsourcing will likely increase, broadening the portfolio. In Brazil, there is a desire from Central Government to make labour relations more flexible and pro- business, something that may accelerate the additional outsourcing of a variety of activities to service companies like ours. “Besides the local effort, the structure and systems provided by Swissport International have been instrumental to our success. A team of high skilled professionals provides the support and standard tools that allows us to deliver operational excellence which is recognised today through this Industry Award.” “We build and maintainour relationships withour customers through constant interaction and team building exercises to capture their vision, ideas andneeds .”

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