2017 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 83 Award for Excellence in Print &Web Design 2017 - West Midlands Squibble Ltd Established in 2010, Squibble is a young, dynamic organisation that offers a range of services including logo, website and print designs which are focused on creating a brand that speaks to its clients and their customers. Drawing on Kimberley’s background in retail and design, the firm is able to understand and implement its clients’ visions and create unique branding that will stand the test of time. Kimberley is eager to emphasise the firm’s focus on innovation and how this helps it to remain at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring that it offers clients only the very cutting edge services which meet their ever evolving needs. “Squibble as an organisation is as a creative powerhouse. This creativity drives innovation and therefore sustainability in a market place which is constantly progressing, developing and changing. Although some organisations are fearful of ‘change’, here we see change as an opportunity to add value, develop services and continue to grow. Over the years we extended our service range to include any kind of digital marketing and all types of design for print and web and are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and offer clients the solutions they need to succeed. “As an organisation we focus on developing strategies that involves continually monitoring the market place in order to identify profitable opportunities and technological trends related to graphic design, web development and marketing. For example, being able to identify new and exciting online communication technologies that businesses can use to market their products/services before competitors is a particular organisational asset at Squibble. This is due to our love of all things social media. We also respond to the ever changing needs of our customers by employing specialist sub-contractors. We work on a collaborative basis thus saving our clients time and remaining the ‘go to’ agency.” Culture is a key part of what sets Squibble apart from its competition, and Kimberley has worked hard to create an internal atmosphere which is both supportive and creative. “Central to our success so far is the fact that I have a Squibble Ltd is an innovative web and branding design agency based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. We invited Founder Kimberley Leary to talk us through the firm and the secrets behind its success. Company: Squibble Ltd Contact: Kimberley Leary Contact Email: kj@squibble.design Address: Studio 21b, Fifty 7 Frederick St, Birmingham, B1 3HS, UK Phone: 0121 448 4776 Website: www.squibble.design BE170108 fabulous team around me and although we are small I love it and the Squibble culture is very important to me. My goal has always been to have a great team, one that is buzzing with energy, where we can all sit together and share creative ideas comfortably. It is not about the money for us here at Squibble; it is about having a great workplace where we can work collaboratively and enjoy ourselves. This approach benefits both my staff and my clients, ensuring that they receive themost creative, unique branding designs and support possible. Looking to the future, Kimberley believes that Squibble’s commitment to serving a variety of clients will help lead it to even greater achievements over the coming months and years ahead. “Ultimately, Squibble is able to successfully target different segments of the market place and this is a key driver to our future success. Our organisation works with start-ups as well as multinationals including McDonalds, Marks and Spencer’s and Auto Trader, and moving forward we are keen to develop partnerships with such firms in order to ensure our ongoing success.” TM “Squibble is able to successfully target different segments of themarket place and this is a key driver to our future success .”

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