2017 Business Excellence Awards

66 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 Best Institutional Architecture Firm 2017 BEA Architects, Inc. Established over 20 years ago, BEA Architects is an interdisciplinary firm providing planning, architectural, engineering and construction services. As transportation design specialists, the firm is renowned worldwide for its passenger terminals, port infrastructure, marinas and piers. BEA is increasingly in demand for the design of urban waterfronts. The firm’s maritime proficiency results from years of experience working with ports, cruise lines and shipping lines, through which we developed a keen understanding of the port industry and its operations. The pursuit of excellence in design, through technology and in execution, underscores BEA’s commitment to quality. Central to the firm’s philosophy is the notion of design innovation, accomplished through the attention of direct senior personnel to design challenges and through the enthusiasm and passion the BEA team brings to detailing and crafting a finished product. Experience and education is something that President Bruno-Elias Ramos has compiled over the years. Add that to his familiarity working around the world, and it’s a recipe for a successful international design practice. Ramos draws on more than 30 years of experience in his field. The combination of this experience and education is likely what made his company win Best Institutional Architecture Firm of 2017. Since inception, BEA Architects has designed more built and operating cruise terminals for mega cruise ships than any other U.S. firm. Disney Cruise Terminal in Port Canaveral and Port of Miami’s Cruise Terminal F & G are examples of iconic projects designed by BEA that operate seamlessly and were completed complying with strict budget and schedule requirements. The firm has developed and maintained a reputation as the world’s leading port planners and cruise terminal designers, and its designs are grounded in the ever-changing patterns and conditions of cruise port operations. The firm has a long history of designing and overseeing the construction of marine structures, as well as conducting market feasibility studies and preparing port master plans which may include graphic animations of projected passenger and traffic flows. Most of the firm’s cruise terminals include intermodal centres and their related canopies and parking facilities. BEA has been the first to implement, in the design of cruise terminals, BEA Architects, Inc., a world-renowned architectural design firm headquartered in Miami, has established a reputation as an innovative provider of leading-edge design solutions to corporations and institutions worldwide. The reputation of the firm rests on its most important asset: its people, whose energy, creativity and commitment point to even greater accomplishments in the decades to come. We profile the firm to learn more about how it works to achieve excellence on every project it undertakes. Company: BEA Architects, Inc. Address: 3075 NW South River Drive, Miami, FL 33142 Telephone: 305-461-2053 Contact: Katie Evans, Manager of Marketing & Communications Email: beamarketing@beai.com Web Address: www.beai.com BE170123 advancements such as the conveyor belt systems for baggage handling as well as airport-style check- in counters and integrated customs and immigration facilities. As the industry leader, responsible for newly constructed and retrofitted cruise facilities in excess of $250 million since 2002, in addition to marketability studies and feasibility analyses, the firm have the experience, track record, technical competence and personnel availability to assist port authorities in any cruise terminal project. Its principals, including Ramos, have lectured widely on cruise terminal design and security/systems integration from the perspective of designing systems that seamlessly and inconspicuously serve the operations. BEA’s working and personal relationships with decision-makers at all the major cruise lines allow the firm to innovate alongside the ever-changing industry. “Attention to detail and thinking about projects as the owners would,” Ramos says about the reason behind his success. “Put yourself in their position and it often changes the perspective quite a bit.” For Ramos, the best part about being an entrepreneur is what each new day brings. “Every day, it’s a new challenge, a new opportunity, a new area to explore.” Overall, at BEA, the core group of Principals and Associates take an active, hands-on role with each project, regardless of size, and are involved in every aspect of the design process from conceptualization to owner occupancy. BEA’s design approach is collaborative in nature; working closely with clients, other team members and interest groups to find the most adequate alternative to a particular challenge. The BEA Team consists of the international talent of 40 employees, representing more than 20 different nationalities. This diversity allows the firm to work with many design vocabularies, languages, construction systems and cultural influences. Through a collaborative design approach, they arrive at solutions that take into account many influences, resulting in designs that are not pre-established but rather evolve during the design process. Moving forward, everyone at BEA Architects looks forward to the promises of tomorrow and are eager to help develop strategies and new technologies to meet and exceed future challenges.

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