2017 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 61 Best Telecom Engineering & Resettlement Training Experts - UK Ubi-Tech (3R) Limited Ubi-Tech provides leading courses in wireless and radio engineering, 4th Generation Networks, IT and project management. Supporting a wide range of clients, the firm has to work hard to ensure that it offers the very highest standards of service which meet their individual needs, as Richard explains. “Here at Ubi-Tech, our customers fall into two categories; firstly, the armed forces and the MOD for whom we provide resettlement training for those leaving for a civilian career. For the MOD we provide Continuous Professional Development training for those remaining in the forces and seeking advancement. Secondly corporate organisations who are major telecoms infrastructure providers. We train their engineers to plan, install, test, commission and maintain the wireless network. “To ensure that we offer everyone we work with the very highest standards of service and support, we are accredited by the University of Wolverhampton to deliver a Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Engineering for those who wish to attain a higher education qualification. We currently have a record of 100% success for all students who have submitted their assignment papers and naturally we are very proud of this. We prepare our students for success by providing mentoring whenever they need it and our guarantee is that any student can re-sit any part of the course again free of charge.” As a young company the biggest challenge Ubi-Tech face is maintaining and developing the reputation for delivery and quality that will inspire corporate organisations to present you with an opportunity. The “courtship” period from first introduction to contract is sometimes a long drawn out process as the firm seek to prove their worth in a crowded industry. Richard outlines how the firm seeks to support clients right from the very beginning so that the vital first impression is a good one. “When we first start working with a new client we ensure that we offer them the service they need by working to understand their business and using a consultative approach to identify where the performance problems are at a strategic level. We identify what keeps the senior management awake at night and why? The key is to find out where business objectives are not being met and what that is costing the corporation. We consider ourselves problem solvers and fixers and we pride ourselves on our flexibility to work with the customer and their constraints.” Ubi-Tech (3R) Limited are a telecommunications training company specialising in all aspects of wireless and radio technologies such as mobile/cellular, HF/VHF/UHF, Microwave, Wi-Fi/WiMAX and Satellite. We caught up with Managing Director Richard Lee to find out more about the firm and the vast array of services it offers. Company: Ubi-Tech (3R) Limited Contact: Richard Lee Contact Email: richard@ubi-tech.co.uk Address: 9 Regents Court, Far Moor Lane, Redditch, B98 0SD, UK Phone: 01527 529750 BE170138 Within the training space staff are crucial to a firm’s success, therefore, as Richard emphasises, Ubi-Tech is determined to attract and retain the top talent in the industry. “Ubi-Tech staff are trustworthy, empowered professionals. They are all totally engaged with the company culture and philosophy and see themselves as stakeholders in the business whose future is intertwined with our success. We firmly believe that if you look after your employees then that is reflected in the quality of their work and the care they apply to looking after our customers. There are no office barriers and everybody is encouraged to air ideas and views or concerns to the senior management and we have a strictly no management jargon rule. “It is crucial to understand employees home infrastructure and domestic needs. As such, we firmly believe that you get the best out of a happy employee who feels respected and valued so if someone needs time to collect a child from school; sort out a car issue; see a doctor or dentist then we give them that latitude to do so. The goodwill, trust and obligation that you get in reciprocation far outweighs the minor inconvenience of allowing someone to leave a little early or work from home. Our employees respond with going that extra mile, exceeding customer’s expectations and work until the desired result is achieved. We use the carrot and not the stick.” Ultimately, Richard and his team are highly ambitious as they seek to grow even further as they seek to build upon their current success. “Looking to the future, our overall goal is to become the telecoms trainer of choice for the industry in both the UK and Europe and possibly beyond. This will provide us with many exciting opportunities.”