2017 Business Excellence Awards

32 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 Best Complex Apparatus Construction Supplier - Austria ACE Apparatebau Construction & Engineering GmbH For decades now, the team at ACE, based in Lieboch, Austria, has been developing dedicated solutions for industrial equipment that are recognized all around the globe. At its headquarters, ACE produces different apparatus with pressures up to 750 bar, weights up to 600 metric tonnes and diameters up to 5.4 m in one piece. One of the firm’s facilities is located directly on the River Danube so that up to 600 t maximum can be loaded hassle-free onto ships. The product portfolio includes all different types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors, and special equipment such as components for FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) plants and tailor-made solutions. The firm is also a reliable partner when it comes to plant shutdowns and revamps. The primary applications of ACE’s equipment are in the petrochemical and chemical industries as well as in refineries, polymer industries and the ammonia/fertilizer industry for renowned, international clients. Since 1999 ACE has been a part of the Christof Group, which consists of various companies in the domains of apparatus construction, industrial services and electric, measurement and regulation technology. Markus explains how his firm leverages the connections and prestige of the group to offer its clients the very best possible services. “Thanks to the networking of competences and resources from all Christof Group companies, our clients’ at ACE are offered a really broad portfolio. This comprises engineering, apparatus engineering, and vessel construction, electrical instrumentation and control system technology and switchgear construction, assembly of pipelines, plants and machines, but also integrated solutions for plant systems. ACE can thereby rely on its internal competences in project management, welding technology, quality, safety and environmental management. “One of our strengths is that we are very flexible — no matter what problem the client is facing, ACE is able to present a tailor-made solution in short term. ACE is not only a technology leader, but also well ahead in project management. ACE references to a wide range of successful projects for well-known clients such as Technip, OMV, ThyssenKrupp Uhde etc.” ACE Apparatebau construction & engineering GmbH part of the Christof Group, is one of the leading suppliers for complex apparatus construction in Austria. We invited Markus Fuchsbichler, CEO of ACE and member of the board of the Christof Group, to share his pride at the firm’s success. Company: ACE Apparatebau construction & engineering GmbH Address: Hans-Thalhammer-Str. 18, 8501 Lieboch, Austria Phone: +43 3136 63600 0 Fax: +43 3136 63600 4600 Email: ace.office@christof-group.com Website: www.christof-group.com ACE Apparatebau Construction & Engineering GmbH BE170085 Markus himself has learnt throughout his career that employees are the most important asset of a company, which deserves a lot of appreciation. From his point of view, employees will also play an essential role in the future, as he explains. “Given that we produce special equipment and tailor- made single pieces for our clients, it is not possible to establish a fully automatized production. In the future, we will invest even more in the high-quality education and training of our employees.” The quality of the products and the related reliability of the company are essential critieria for the clients. Unfortunately, these values are getting less important sometimes, when the client opts for a cheap price and lower quality. Low-quality products can of course result in unscheduled breakdowns of plants, whichmakes the customer lose more money than he would have paid for a high quality equipment. Therefore, one of the future challenges will still be to convince the client of ACE’s advantages, so that he will still be willing to pay a proper price for high-quality products, which Markus firmly believes the firm can rise to. “Personally, I am still convinced that we shall be able to continue producing in Austria and Europe with our expertise, even if the competition increases further. Again and again, we have to identify attractive market segments, and thereforemoving forward I am confident that ACE can remain at the forefront of the market and prove to our clients that we are the very best option for all their needs.”

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