2017 Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 23 Best Valuation Corporation 2017 – Vietnam Southern Information and Valuation Corporation Founded in 1999, SIVC carries out valuation for assets, including land, real estate, machine and equipment, business value, intangible assets, investment projects, forest resources and various kind of mine, supporting a wide range of clients. Nguyen believes that the firm’s dedication to supporting these clients, professional ethics of experts, combined with the skills and dedication of its professionals, are the secrets behind the firm’s success. “Here at SIVC we work hard to attract new clients and work with them to ensure that they enjoy the very highest standards of service when they work with our firm. To ensure that they have an enjoyable experience working with us, we have a staff of professionally trained advisors on hand. Our procedures are simple but effective. We carry out valuation requests fast and our service price is appropriate to market conditions. “As staff are so important to our success, our strategy revolves around training personnel and managing all activities of company according to the procedures established by ourselves to satisfy the demand from the law and the market. Our personnel must have professional ethics and professional skills in each stage of processing dossiers, in combination with advanced management system based on the design, operation, and usage of management software so that they can properly support our clients.” Having operating in the Vietnamese valuation market for so long, SIVC has a strong overview of the market which Nguyen is keen to share with us. Drawing on over 17 years’ experience, Southern Information and Valuation Corporation (SIVC) is a valuation company with more than 300 staff and 37 affiliated units spreading all over the country. We invited PhD Lawyer Nguyen Van Tho to tell us more. Company name: Southern Information and Valuation Corporation Contact person: PhD Lawyer Nguyen Van Tho Phone: (+84) 93971 5555 - 97940 4048 - 91856 5363 Contact email: tho.nv@sivc.com . vn; thonvsivc@gmail.com Address: 359 Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Website: sivc.com.vn BE170128 “Valuation is an essential part of market economy, a yardstick of the value of commodity assets and helps the market to operate objectively and transparently. Vietnam’s valuation industry is still young compared to other countries in the region and in the world. However, Vietnam’s valuation industry has developed rapidly. It can be said that Vietnam’s valuation industry has caught up and updated with advancement in the world’s valuation industry very fast and timely. “Despite this change being positive for the most part, this rapid development also caused many inadequacies, consequently, the law has also gradually adjusted, but the inadequacies still exist such as unfair competition, determination of asset value does not accurately reflected market, etc. In my opinion, the law of Vietnam has also changed to direct Vietnam’s valuation industry towards orbit to better meet the needs of the market and society, to actively contribute to immature market economy of Vietnam.” Overall, Nguyen has plans for SIVC which revolve around market growth in order to make SIVC a market leader and provide the best possible services to clients. “Looking ahead, my dream is to build upon SIVC’s success and for the SIVC staff to have good professional skills and professional ethics, which will be able to satisfy all demands from clients and ensure that we are always a leading company in Vietnam’s valuation industry.”

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