2017 Business Excellence Awards

22 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 Most Innovative Waste Recycling Company 2017 - Sussex EA Recycling With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, EA Recycling’s aim is to deliver the eco-friendliest commercial solutions possible that balance business and environmental interests. Winning this award is a testament to the company’s ethos. It recognises EA Recycling’s vision, dynamic approach to business and pioneering services. The provision of a full suite of facilities management services, centred on landfill avoidance, help its customers by harnessing good returns for recyclable materials in many formats. Of course, offering innovative services is only a contributory factor to the company’s success; its attitude towards its customers is also recognised as outstanding. The company’s position is strengthened thanks to its ability to maintain perspective, which can only be achieved by fully understanding each client’s needs, as Alex Hall, Managing Director, who honed his knowledge and customer service ethos from working with the largest cardboard recycler in Europe before expanding his knowledge and expertise to include total waste management, commented. “As a company, we firmly believe that for a project to be a success it has to be entirely customer-focused. To make sure we fully understand each client’s needs, we conduct a site visit, undertake an audit and then propose a bespoke action plan that meets, and frequently exceeds, our customers’ expectations.” This level of service and commitment to its clients’ stems from the impressive level of experience of its people gained from within the recycling industry. Alongside Alex, company’s Sales Director, Electra Coutsoftides, has a wealth of experience from working with Fortune 500 companies. Focusing on business development, market expansion, and growth strategies with an emphasis in marketing, this insight has helped EARecycling to grow its market share continuously. “Delivering first class customer service is only one aspect of doing a job well,” explains Electra. “It is also essential everything behind the scenes runs like EA Recycling, a solutions-based waste management company, is an innovative pioneering service provider with a dynamic approach to the recycling industry. Company: EA Recycling Ltd Name: Electra Acropolis Address: Tower Point 44, North road, Brighton, BN1 1YR Website: www.ea-recycling.co.uk Email: Sales@ea-recycling.co.uk Phone: 01273 020 224 BE170001 clockwork, which is why we have recently invested in newmanagement software that helps our team to track and trace every load.” The recycling industry is growing, and as with all sectors, there are some businesses whose practices have tarnished the industry. This, in part, is being addressed by the ever-changing rules and regulations that are being imposed. Although many see this as unnecessary bureaucracy, it means only those companies with the ability to be agile in their approaches, will be able to continue to grow and adapt. EARecycling’s innovation does not stop with its service provision; it has developed a due diligence procedure that protects it, its clients, suppliers, transport network, in fact, every link in the chain, to ensure it remains compliant with regulatory change while maintaining its reputation as a transparent and trustworthy company. As a result, its client list has consistently grown through recommendations, organic growth, actively developing its market share and commitment to the environment. Looking to the future, EARecycling’s strategy is simple: steady, sustained growth. This ethos is engrained in all the company’s personnel. In contrast to a micro- management style, EA Recycling’s management prefers a collaborative style of leadership. “Our greatest asset is our people,” said Alex Hall, “which is why we invest heavily in their ongoing training, encourage freedom of expression and to take personal responsibility. It is this excellence in service that makes our team and company stand out.” Building on its success, 2017 will see an expansion of its transportation network and the introduction of truck brokerage services for the waste industry, specialising in waste transportation. Always looking to grow and innovate, the company is actively looking for investment opportunities to expand its waste trading business and replicate its current success and impressive ROI. “We hope this award will be the first of many to recognise our commitment to the recycling industry and our customers,” commented Alex. “As a team, we are passionate about our environment and are looking forward to working with our local council in Brighton that shares our enthusiasm.” Already working with large producers of waste and recycledmaterialsincludingmulti-siteglobalcompanies, logistics companies, manufacturers, clinical services and commercial waste collectors, the company hope the potential global exposure from winning this award will highlight the company’s attributes and potentially attract investment opportunities for future development. “...we invest heavily in their ongoing training, encourage freedomof expression and to take personal responsibility.”

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