2017 Business Excellence Awards

20 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 Pharmaceutical Consultancy Firm of the Year 2017 - UK Clarity Pharma Ltd Drawing on over 17 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical consultancy market, Clarity Pharma uses its extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to implement customised strategies and react to changes in an increasingly competitive market, as Tanya explains. “Here at Clarity Pharma our key area of expertise is a commercial solutions provider to pharmaceutical manufacturers, helping them with any problems in the supply chain which are of a commercial issue rather than a clinical one. Often this will form identification, strategic solution and implementation on behalf of our clients. Not only do we consult for our clients but we are an outsourced commercial team, distributor and a route to market. “Right from the very start of a project we seek to provide excellence, and as such when we engage with any new client we have a clear brief between both parties to ensure that all expectations are aligned. An initial project team is established to pre define roles and responsibilities, reporting timelines and format. We treat every single one of our client’s as if they were our first and only client and have a high level feedback loop to ensure that project deadlines are met.” Undertaking the role of MD at Clarity Pharma eight years ago was a fantastic career opportunity for Tanya, and has allowed her to grow and develop with the business. She talks us through her previous experience and how she has worked hard to build a successful team, drawing on her experience to be a strong and supportive leader. “Personally, I have been very fortunate to have come through a strong corporate background in various industries starting my working life as a graduate with Coca Cola and in later years the Rentokil Group. Through this path I’ve had some excellent mentors whom have taught me not only how the world of business works but the importance of the people within your organisation. As they say ‘there is no I in team’, and every individual within Clarity Pharma provides input towards the success of the business. I take training and development of staff very serious and believe this plays a key factor in the success of retaining our people and skill set. “Fundamentally, establishing the right team around me was key to the success and on some occasions a challenge. The business has evolved greatly in the eight years since I became MD, adding a different Clarity Pharma Ltd is a unique problem solving pharmaceutical consultancy specialising in market intelligence, commercial solutions and supply chain issues. We caught up with Managing Director Tanya Monteith to learn more. Company: Clarity Pharma Ltd. Contact: Tanya Monteith Contact Email: tanya.monteith@ clarity-pharma.com Address: Endeavour House, Coopers End Road, London Stansted Airport, Stansted, CM24 1SJ, UK Phone: 0845 0805190 Website: www.clarity-pharma.com BE170002 service offering to what was already an established brand and is now on a stable growth path. My passion to make it more successful than it had ever been has not diminished if anything it has only accelerated. I believe having the right team around me has allowed me to look more strategically at the business and what shape it needs to be in after my time in office. Having the support of the board in terms of investment has helped create a dynamic and versatile organisation for people to work in.” Overall Tanya is proud of the success Clarity Pharma has achieved so far and excited for a prosperous and opportunity laden future. “Since inception Clarity Pharma have established valuable and longstanding commercial relationships within our sector. Looking ahead, we are keen to continue building on this whilst significantly improving our business performance for our clients, employees and shareholders. The ongoing strategy for the business is clear: to continue on a steady growth path, providing a robust and stable business not only for the shareholders, employees but clients as well. “Being a privately owned independent provider we have the ability to react quicker to the changing environment. With that in mind, we continue to look for other services within our sector that can be added to the model not only to add growth to Clarity Pharma but bolster the proposition and value to the clients. It is always a key goal to strengthen the Clarity Pharma value proposition and we look forward to the opportunities that achieving this goal will bring.”

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