2017 Business Excellence Awards

100 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017 BE170156 Best Diversified Research Organisation - Canada RushStar Techno-Products As pioneers in the research market, in the early nineties RushStar invented the Octane inverter that turns cheap automotive fuel into expensive fuel in one dose just before the Canadian rescission, making the life a lot easier and economical for millions in Canada, plus the RushStar Engine Treatment that was a direct reason of saving a multi-million dollars cars in formula 1, and multi billions for Canadians in Automotive repair and replacements, all was a proactive measures to ease recession on Canadians, RushStar received many recommendations and support letters for performance car racings, Clear-Air of Canada, CanadianTireChains, Wal-Mart Mega Stores and the IATAOrganization. In the mid-nineties, RushStar International Technology Bank invented the Magnetic trap for Oil filter as a proactive innovation and safety measure for Healthy City breathing air, years before The Kyoto Protocol -international treaty of 1997, which is suffering many setbacks but the invention is up and for every one to fight for Un-Polluted air, years later RushStar ITB invented the next answer for water pollution that is the Water Magnetic purifier. A decade before the challenges against the Canadian Ginseng in the International market, and as a proactive strategic measure RushStar.com ITB Invented the National Wave of “A Business Project in a box” that distributed A whole wave of new Private Wild Ginseng With over 30 years’ experience in research for the global market, RushStar. com is the Corporate Site of RushStar Techno-Products. We profile the firm to find out more. Company: RushStar Corporation Contact: Dr. Hamed A. M. Rushwan Dr. M. Zamzami Contact Email: AI@RushStar.com Address: Aramex House Old Bath Road Colnbrook MCT 110296, Slough, Berkshire SL3 0NS England Phone: 0018886000909 Website:www.RushStar.com to be planted in every backyard, un-developed forest patches, and Private mountain investments. The RushStar proactive wave introduced new line of Canadian Ginseng, Private wild grade and supported the Brand respect around the world, and created the Niagara SuperX Famous Brand, which became an International Wave and Grade and not exclusive to Canada. Then, in 2000 RushStar.com ITB Introduced the Teflon Air Cushion System for Hovercraft Amphibious vehicles, a Strategic Proactive innovation just before the sever climate change of the new century that has served in many critical rescue missions in Canada’s Newfoundland, PEI, Vancouver provinces, and Denmark plus many other countries around the world, The Teflon Skirt through Hovercollege, one of the RushStar.com ITB entities is an unsurpassed genuine innovation as the last leader of Hovercraft technology Dr. WilliamR. Bertelsen has stated on the Hovercollege website. Currently, the latest strategic proactive innovations for RushStar.com ITB with Rushwan.com strategic technology consulting is the natural nano technology as extracting the available nano in nature for health treatment without side effects for cancer with many supportive ongoing studies which will benefit the whole world.

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