Business Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 57 Company: Classic Folios Ltd | Contact: Kate Pickard Website: Classic Folios Ltd: Best Online Resident Management Systems Providers - England ince its inception in 1996, Classic Folios has provided over just 250 property developers with market leading, professional homebuyer manuals and their online resident management systems. The firm helps all clients foster binding relationships with their own clients, suppliers and staff teams, through exceptional brand presentation and precise communication. The firm supports many leading property companies, helping them to transform the way they connect with buyers, tenants and agents throughout the customer journey to build valuable, long lasting client relationships. Today the firm now consists of a team of around 40 passionate and dedicated individuals, all of whom are deeply passionate about partnering with developers and housebuilders to create exceptional homeowner support products and platforms that really ‘wow’ buyers. S Classic Folios Ltd is the market leading supplier of online, mobile and printed residential homeowner manuals, working with 6 of the UK’s top 10 housebuilders and 250 other developers, housing associations and contractors. We profile the firm to find out more. Thanks to its vast industry experience, Classic Folios is now able to work alongside companies of all sizes, delivering a bespoke, high quality and consistent service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client’s brand. Such an approach ensures that no two products are the same and that clients receive the quality solutions they need to attract their target buyers. Overall, having risen from back bedroom start up to becoming the most trusted name in the industry for handover product, Classic Folios is very keen to continue building upon its success moving forward. As part of this focus they will continue to provide its clients with the exceptional standard of service that they have come to expect over the years to come.