Business Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 47 Leading the market in global energy and water consultancy is Enzen, an internationally renowned, award-winning knowledge practice. After the firm’s success in winning three awards at this year’s Business Excellence Awards programme, we profile the business to find out more. Best Energy and Water Business Consultancy 2019 end-to-end services that include identifying the customers’ challenges, analysing their businesses, creating strategies, overseeing project management and implementing new technology and infrastructure to deliver positive benefits for all. The company’s four main divisions are Business Operations, Business Transformation, Digital Enterprise and Energy and Water Networks. These are further made up of different Centres of Excellence that specialise in particular solutions. Within the Business Operations space, Enzen works with utility companies to conceptualise, design, deliver and manage best-in- class operations. If network asset owners or investors need reliable, safe and quality infrastructure, Business Operations can help them achieve excellent outcomes that are sustainable for the long-term. What’s different about Enzen is the firm provides this service across the entire asset lifecycle, from strategy and consultancy through to asset performance, asset operations and customer service. In the Business Transformation space, the firm provides utilities with the transformative strategies and actions to ensure sustainable success. Whether it’s strategic frameworks, technological products, due diligence and innovative business models, the firm harnesses its team of global knowledge experts and their practical experience in delivery. Areas of focus for Business Transformation include strategic insights, transaction advisory services, utility transformation, smart cities and customer excellence. Complementing this, Digital Enterprise helps Enzen’s customers maintain their competitive advantage in an industry disrupted by the rise of new technology. That means designing custom solutions based on the latest advancements in Machine Learning, IoT, automated data science, augmented AI simulation software, robotic process automation and virtual power plants. Unlike its competitors, Enzen does more than offer just technical solutions. Starting with each individual customers’ vision and target outcomes, the team craft comprehensive digital strategies and solutions that will help these customers lead the industry into the future. Finally, in its Energy and Water Networks division, Enzen’s global team of knowledge practitioners help utilities in the power, water and gas sectors find efficiencies within their increasingly complex network of assets. The firm’s holistic approach combines strategic thinking, economic modelling, advanced digital tools and practical operational experience to create bespoke solutions for its customers’ ambitions. Included in this service are smart meters, the migration of control rooms to the cloud, monitoring the efficiency of industrial equipment and delivering new smart technologies to enhance operational performance. Ultimately, Enzen believes passionately in promising clients what it can deliver and delivering what it promises – and judges all its projects by the quality of their outcomes. Such an ethos will remain Enzen’s guiding principle as the company looks towards a bright future. rawing on 13 years of experience as a specialist in the energy and water sectors, Enzen develops tailored services for utility customers that combine both the deep domain knowledge with exceptional, high-value delivery. The company’s experts, known as ‘knowledge practitioners’, believe in constantly reviewing and improving the work they undertake to meet evolving market needs. Their methodology is to refine and share their knowledge continuously so Enzen can be a global leader in energy and water capability and leave a cleaner planet for future generations. As part of its dynamic and flexible approach, the Enzen team take great pride in responding to shifting industry requirements in the energy and water sectors. These include the growing demands of an expanding population, changing regulatory environments, distributed energy resources, the rise of renewables, the increase in unregulated markets and the transitioning to smart, digital and IoT technologies. To overcome the challenges they face, Enzen’s customers require a strategic partner that has in-depth knowledge, vast experience, an agile, innovative approach, excellence in execution and exceptional customer service. Enzen is structured to deliver all this. Through its four main divisions and Centres of Excellence the company is able to provide innovative D Company: Enzen Name: Kutty Prabakaran, Group Chief Executive Officer Address: Enzen Global, Blythe Valley Innovation Centre, Central Boulevard, Shirley, Solihull, B90 8AS, United Kingdom Web Address: Kutty Prabakaran, Group Chief Executive Officer