Business Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 43 Since it first opened in 2001 Explore Learning has helped not only the 250,000 children who have attended its centres, but thousands of schools, community groups and families in developing a generation of confident, Fearless Learners who can tackle anything. Laura explores the firm’s service offering in detail and outlines how it works to drive each and every student to be the best they can. “Every parent wants their child to succeed; to flourish at school and achieve academically, but most importantly to leave with a platform of skills which sets them up for future success. At Explore Learning we deliver exactly that through our international network of 145 maths and English tuition centres. Together they help us provide something unique: a home that nurtures ‘Fearless Learners’. These are children who are hungry for knowledge, not afraid to make mistakes and are ready and excited for their next steps. “Our vibrant and energetic centres operate on a membership basis. Children attend up to twice a week for hour-long sessions which are specifically designed to suit their individual needs. Open seven days a week, members attend on a drop-in basis, allowing supplementary education to fit with busy family life. Our teaching tools are a combination of the best licensed materials from leading provider, Pearson, as well as resources designed exclusively by our in-house education team. All of our courses map to the school curricula, supporting each and every individual at a level and pace that’s right for them.” Seeking to provide parents and students with a truly unique service, Explore Learning offers a tailored approach, specific to each child’s individual needs, ensuring each child gets the most out of their time at the centre and at school, as Laura highlights. “At Explore Learning we get to know each and every child as an individual. We learn about their own unique strengths and areas of development, designing a unique programme of study that is right for them. Despite having over 33,000 members, no two children’s work is the same, and no two children are taught in the same way. We bring learning to life, tailoring our methods to each child’s way of learning. Company: Explore Learning | Name: Laura Gordon Address: 74 North Street Telephone Number: 07775429285 Web Address: Best After-School Tuition Provider - UK D Offering more than just tutoring, Explore Learning is a nationwide after-school tuition service seeking to drive students to embrace the joy of learning. We caught up with Laura Gordon to learn more. “As well as supporting our students, we keep their parents involved every step of the way. With feedback after every session, regular parents’ meetings and open sessions, they get an in-depth insight into their child’s work, areas of difficulty and their progress. Through this approach Explore Learning is always on hand to discuss their child’s development, the school curriculum and ways that they can support them at home, providing support to the whole family.” A people-led business, Explore Learning has always sought inclusion, and as such Laura is understandably keen to explain how the firm works to ensure that after-school tuition is available to as many students as possible. “Since inception Explore Learning has always sought to deliver a fantastic standard of education to all children, regardless of means or background. In order to deliver the best possible standard of education we have an in-house education team who are constantly developing our offering. They also write our content in house, developing new courses and advancing our curriculum to suit our members needs and any changes to the school curriculum. “Additionally, our membership is kept affordable to all members thanks to being on the voluntary Ofsted register. This means families is receipt of working tax credits, universal credits, childcare vouchers or income support which may be eligible for a discount on their monthly membership.” As she looks ahead Laura is optimistic that Explore Learning will continue to flourish, as the company seeks to grow its service offering for the benefit of students and parents alike. “Currently Explore Learning is at the start of a new chapter with lots of exciting developments upon the horizon. We are looking forward to expanding our provision over the coming years as Explore Learning seeks to support more children than ever in becoming ‘Fearless Learners’.”