Business Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 15 Company: MYLE - Make Your Life Easier Address: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Web Address: Founded on the belief that good order is the foundation of a happy life, Make Your Life Easier (MYLE) is an innovative concept which helps clients to organise their homes and reduce their clutter. We profile the company to find out more about the unique solutions it has to offer to its discerning clientele. aunched in February 2018, MYLE has flourished and gained a reputation for excellence despite its relative youth. Created by a husband and wife team, the company helps its customers to live a less stressful, healthier and happier life by de-cluttering their home. To achieve this, MYLE supplies home organisation products which solve particular storage problems which the owners themselves have faced. After all, clutter in a space can lead to mental clutter, which may cause stress. As such, MYLE believes that the best practice to keep any home organised is to have dedicated storage space for each item. The firm provides storage areas that will ensure every item has its place and make any home look and feel clean and tidy. Clients are drawn towards this innovative approach to home décor as a result of the popularity of Marie Kondo and other organisers who are using TV shows and social media platforms to showcase the benefits of decluttering, and as such there are many opportunities for firms such as MYLE to grow and flourish in this market. Seeking to use these opportunities to its advantage and grow even further, MYLE is keen to position itself as a leader in home organisation moving forward. As part of this focus the firm will be launching a blog on how to make organisation easier, and the company hopes to expand into new stores and start shipping its products internationally over the coming years. These excited developments will ensure a bright future for this young and dynamic company. MYLE - Make Your Life Easier “Best Organisation Accessories Retailer 2019” Organisation Products to make your life easier GET ORGANISED NOW L