Business Excellence 2019

14 Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards Created by former soldiers who saw first-hand the need for support war veterans struggling with mental illness as a result of their service, Sapper Support has flourished into a unique helpline that supports a variety of veterans and emergency service staff. Celebrating yet another win for the organisation in our Business Excellence Awards programme we profile it and share an insight into the vital services it has to offer. stablished in 2014, Sapper Support is the UK’s only 24:7 PTSD and associated mental health illness helpline staffed solely by veterans and 999 personnel. With their aim firmly fixed on giving emotional, physical and, where appropriate, financial assistance to three demographics: veterans, 999 employees and those who have migrated from the armed services to the emergency services. The reason for Sapper Support’s unprecedented success is the ability of the volunteers to understand the lingo of their callers, but also, having experienced first-hand the things that their callers have been through. This can range from serving in and surviving a war/ battle environment to the trauma associated with the duties of a 999 employee. Thanks to the organisation’s team of former veterans, Sapper Support is able to offer unique services that no other charity can. Empathy is central to the organisation’s success, as service users know that they are speaking to someone who truly understands what they are going through and is able to offer them practical advice and support. Looking ahead, Sapper Support plans to expand to create a series of regional hubs, supported by a national framework. The organisation is seeking a high-profile patron to help support it in this journey. Additionally, as the charity supports all arms of the 999 community, it is also looking to create working partnerships with every FRS within the UK. Ultimately, Sapper Support will strive to be the market leader within the emergency services mental health support space over the coming years, drawing on its unique experience to drive it further towards this ambitious goal. Company: Sapper Support | Name: Tim Evers Address: 1 Scott Lane, Gomersal, West Yorkshire, BD194JY Telephone Number: 07852994222 Web Address: Sapper Support: Best Mental Health Support Charity 2019 - UK E