Worldwide Finance Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards 49 usiness owners, employers, and managers alike all need a keen understanding of legislation and human resources in order to run a business efficiently. Peninsula can be that source of knowledge and understanding for its clients. The firm helps all manner of clients stay up to date with the latest labour legislation, amend their workplace procedures and policies, and stay compliant with employment legislation. Peninsula seeks to provide the most value to clients by offering a 24/7 advice line, which is open every single day of the year. It was set up to give big company backup to the businesses that could not afford an HR team, or didn’t have experience or access to expertise in that field. Peninsula grew to what it is today from the entrepreneurial spirit of a small business owner, and it is in that heritage where the firm’s values lie. Many businesses are opened or begin from a place of passion; seldom few are opened in the hope of having to deal with employment issues or time-consuming administrative tasks. Business owners care about everything they have built, and want to protect their hard work from any potential pitfalls or issues that may put it at risk. Helping small businesses and passions succeed: that is the driving force behind Peninsula, and has not changed since the firm’s foundation in 1983. However, being in business for such a long time has meant that some things have had to change. Peninsula has had to remain competitive, and demonstrate innovation in order to do so. That is where its latest innovation comes in: BrightHR. BrightHR is a piece of HR software that has been developed by Peninsula, and is used both internally by the firm itself, and used by clients who work with the firm. BrightHR helps managers stay organized and better manage their teams. The software allows managers to create and shift schedules, send instant updates of changes to staff, and upload unlimited documentation to cloud-based storage, as well as track vacation days, statutory holidays, sick leave, and allow employees to make requests online. BrightHR has proven to be increasingly effective during the pandemic as well, with the recently launched Back to Work Navigator, which helps employers reopen their businesses and get their employees back to work. Like many other businesses, Peninsula was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The business has had to adapt, and put into place new policies and procedures to combat these effects, including a remote working policy. Facing both technical and managerial challenges, Peninsula has stepped up to address these challenges head on. Now, the firm adopts virtual conference meetings, online Q&As, webinars, and more to replace its previous functions. Fortunately, Peninsula has also HR services are the backbone of many companies working in the world today. Without an effective team of staff trained in human resources, companies can quickly run into stumbling blocks that can prevent them from growing in meaningful ways. Peninsula is an HR and Health and Safety consultancy that serves SMEs across Canada. As we examine the role it plays for its clients, we also examine the firm’s success in this years’ Worldwide Finance Awards from Acquisition International Magazine. Best SME Employer Advisory Firm 2020 - Canada B been able to continue expanding its workforce throughout the pandemic, though onboarding and integrating new members of staff virtually can prove difficult. Yet, the benefits of the excellent and hardworking team far outweigh the challenges that have faced Peninsula in recent months. Peninsula has always operated with the belief that people are its most valuable asset. From the start, the firm wanted to provide its workers with opportunities for growth, and a workplace in which they would grow and feel an important part of. Great staff delivers great customer service. Peninsula may have grown to become a big company, but it started small and knows that customer service is key for small business. That is why the firm is there, 24/7 every single day of the year. That is why it offers a competitive price point for every client, and why it enables its staff to deliver the very best service to clients, and nothing less. Peninsula is a truly outstanding firm, and one that is fully deserving of its past, present, and future successes. Company: Peninsula Employment Services Contact: Kristina Vassilieva Email: [email protected] Website: