Worldwide Finance Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards 5 4 Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards RC stands for ‘All Risks Considered’, and there can be no more apt a name for the business than this. Since its inception just two years ago, that is exactly what the firm has set out to do: consider all the risks and then be in a position where it can help all different types of businesses with their insurance requirements. Where ARC stands out from its competitors is in its customer service. Everything is tied back to the overriding idea that all risks are considered, and no client is ever discriminated against for a risk that may have revealed itself during the process. The customer is always at the heart of everything the firm does, and it always offers a professional service with a 24-hour claims services available that does not have a call centre in sight. Understandably so, the finance industry is in unprecedented times at the moment, like many other industries around the world. However, as businesses and companies begin to bring their workforces back into an office space, insurance is an increasingly vital industry for so many businesses. ARC has become responsible for looking after the insurance of various different business risks, and not one of them is the same, so they all face different major issues. ARC itself has insured gyms and nail or beauty salons. At the beginning of the pandemic, many of these were forced to close their doors. Some will have survived, but some unfortunately will not have. This then has a knock off effect with ARC’s business, because those insurance policies are cancelled and the commission is clawed back or renewals are lapsed. However, there have also been hauliers that ARC serves that have diversified, and moved into the supermarket industry to assist food markets. They have thrived during the pandemic, which of course, has meant an increase on the insurance costs due to a higher demand on the fleet and a higher commission for ARC. The pandemic has affected everyone differently, and for ARC, it is simple about staying as current as possible with the news, but also consistently marketing and looking for new opportunities for business all the time. Regardless of the client however, ARC always does its best to take care of the business, and the people involved in it. Despite the fluctuations in the financial markets generated by the unknown circumstances surrounding COVID-19, ARC has performed exceptionally well over the last twelve months. It has built up some fantastic relationships with new clients, having been set up through the power of social media and good marketing. That does not mean that it has not been strange or difficult for ARC. Where the firm Best Commercial Insurance Broker 2020 - East Midlands A usually offers a very personable service that includes site visits, those processes have had to change. Now, many of those meetings are conducted through Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, and a great deal more time has been spent on the phone. However, what this has done has shown the importance, the value, and the benefits that ARC’s personable service can do for clients, and has brought a very strong sense of community amongst the firm and its clients. The internal culture of the firm is just as excellent, and ARC has taken steps to ensure it is the best possible commercial insurance firm. ARC is an Appointed Representative of TEn Insurance Services Ltd, and therefore has access to a very large pool of highly skilled, qualified staff who provide great administrative support in addition to compliance and accounting. ARC is always on the lookout for passionate and highly-skilled account executives who would be happy to work remotely, look after their own bank of clients, and treat the business as though it were their own. However, most crucially for any member of staff working at ARC, the client always comes first. The client must always be looked after by quality service, being honest, and being available for 24 hours a day. ARC has now built itself a reputation as a firm that will attract the very best talent in the industry, and also the most sought-after clients within the various industries that the firm services. Looking to the future however, ARC is very excited to announce that it is getting involved with another business, called Core Haulage, and it will be providing the insurance services and risk management from September 2020 onwards. Core Haulage is a business membership organisation specifically supporting the haulage and transport sector. ARC will be handling the majority of the insurance services that Core Haulage will be offering to its clients. In addition to helping Core with its insurance offerings, ARC is also becoming one of the leading brokers in offering motor trade insurance, and has a wide variety of insurers on its panel with some very favourable policy wordings. Alongside Melanie, there is a quality Company: ARC Broker Services Ltd Contact: Melanie Jackson Website: Telephone: 01529 675 021 Founded in 2018 by Melanie Jackson, ARC Broker Services Ltd is a commercial insurance broker that operates with a more human-centric approach to all of its work. Rather than cherry pick the favourite risks that a business may face, or the ones that pay a higher commission for the broker, ARC helps all different businesses with all of their insurance requirements. To find out more about this exceptional insurance broker, we at Acquisition International take the time to profile the business. Regardless of the client however, ARC always does its best to take care of the business, and the people involved in it. ARC Broker Services Ltd and experienced team that can put together a very comprehensive presentation together to ensure that the client receives an excellent quote and policy cover. The claims service that ARC operates will continue to be one of the best, as it acknowledges that if a claim is going to occur, it is likely to happen out of hours when the business is closed. It is those times that it is so necessary to contact the insurance broker for help. With ARC, every client has a personal mobile telephone number to call and the firm guarantees that someone will always answer. Insurance is about more than simply sealing the deal on protecting assets and people; it is about the firm fighting in the corner of its clients and keeping the customer in the loop. There is no set time for an insurance claim, and ARC will see things through from start to finish, every single time. Ultimately, ARC is an outstanding firm within the world of insurance. It really, truly cares about the customer, and all people involved within an insurance claim. Everything ties back to the ideology that all risks are considered. In going the extra mile for the client, everything is considered and the client is well and truly taken care of.