Worldwide Finance Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards 31 30 Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards ccording to a 2017 report on income and living conditions, more than 40% of all EU households, which encompasses approximately 215 million people, are not financially empowered and have difficulty making ends meet. It can be difficult for these families and households to invest in their individual and family futures, but the Think Forward Initiative aims to address this. There can be many factors, including the level of income, that can explain why individuals and families might feel financially squeezed each month. Equally important are the small decisions that people make in their daily lives about how they spend their money. Although small, these decisions have a big impact on their financial wellbeing. This impact is made even more significant when these decisions are not properly thought through, and this can adversely affect a person’s financial wellbeing in the longer term. The Think Forward Initiative is based on the belief that society as a whole is better off when people make sound financial decisions. There are three Hubs that are core to what the initiative has to offer, and they are the Research Hub, the Accelerator Hub, and the Community Hub. Firstly, the Research Hub does cutting-edge, data-driven research in social and behavioural sciences to learn more about people’s decision-making habits and processes, whilst the Accelerator Hub translates those research insights into innovations. Essentially, the Accelerator Hub scouts and selects beneficial fintech start-ups, and supports them to scale faster and help people change their behaviour to improve their financial wellbeing. ince their inception in 2016, Fintrepid Solutions have supported almost 100 clients, with the team delivering customized solutions for each company by combining both strategy and execution to achieve business goals. The client base Fintrepid Solutions has accumulated over the years consists of growing, evolving small and mid-size businesses from across a vast range of industries, which include manufacturing, healthcare, real estate and construction, as well as retail and services to name but a few. The firm helps their clients solve problems in areas where they lack the expertise, experience, or bandwidth to solve internally. Supporting companies through mergers and acquisitions has been an area of high demand. Other core areas include navigating business expansion, creating forward looking visibility, improving inconsistent or declining margins, implementing systems, securing financing, and enhancing cash management. Every client that Fintrepid Solutions has the opportunity to work with has a customized experience based on their needs. “Our success has been achieved in large part because we start out by meeting our clients where they are and seek to fully understand where they are trying to go. Our team has done an outstanding job getting into the business, quickly understanding how it works from the inside so we can deliver the solutions that add the most value today and in the future. This nimble, value centered and collaborative approach is hardwired in our DNA.” The recent economic disruption has made these values even more critical, especially as the pace of change and disruption has increased greatly, requiring the team and their clients to successfully pivot even more regularly. The team at Fintrepid Solutions have spent their entire careers working for, in and on these types of businesses. With its small team of seasoned professionals, Fintrepid Solutions strongly believe that the key for their growth is finding the right people to contribute to the team, and being very thorough in evaluating that fit, which means that the process can be lengthy. Throughout the years, the firm has cultivated a working environment that is very entrepreneurial in nature. Regularly communicating wins, challenges and case studies, the internal culture at Fintrepid Solutions is one that constantly promotes collective problem solving. The extraordinary experience the team possesses is a gift to the business, as there have been a few situations where the firm have lacked internal experience that could be leveraged by someone else within Fintrepid Solutions. Financial decision-making is something that many people, if not all people, love to do when they have all the facts and are totally empowered to make the best decisions possible. But few people are in total and complete control of their finances, and many lack the knowledge to choose the best options available. The Think Forward Initiative is aimed at enabling and empowering people to have better financial control and helping to create a more financially healthy society. We find out more about this initiative and exactly what it offers to clients and members through its services. Any successful business will be faced with new challenges and obstacles to tackle as they evolve over time. Ready to provide a helping hand is Fintrepid Solutions, a firm which exists to help clients navigate the challenges, and provide them with clarity and confidence so they become more sustainable, profitable and valuable. Discover more about Fintrepid Solutions as we take a closer look into how they have established a reputation as being the go-to M&A firm for South West USA. Most Empowering Financial Decision Making Initiative - Europe M&A Firm of the Year 2020 - South West USA A S Lastly, the Community Hub promotes the activities of the other two hubs through its network of community members, as well as launches campaigns to ensure that the initiative’s work reaches the people who need it the most. The whole mission of the Think Forward Initiative is focused on using the knowledge that it gains about financial decision-making as a springboard for action. Besides conducting vital research, the initiative also brings together experts from the financial industry, including policymakers, academics, consumer groups, and technology companies to develop actual tools that are personal, relevant, timely, and are able to help people. Just one great example of this is a recent development that is ongoing at the Think Forward Initiative. Researchers at the initiative have discovered that people are more likely to save more money if they knew how much their peers were saving. Therefore, via their Incubator track, they’ve challenged entrepreneurial teams to set about developing app solutions that can make use of these insights to steer consumer behaviour. One such project, GoTally, compares how similar people save, and using nudge theory, guides them to start “unspending” their money. Users of the app set concrete savings goals, receive suggestions based on their data, and will then be rewarded along the way for any savings they make. This may be just one example of how the Think Forward Initiative is helping people and society around them, but it highlights the importance of small everyday decisions and behavioural changes. With partners such as ING, Deloitte, IBM, the Centre for Economic Policy Research, Dell Technologies, and Amazon Web Services being behind the Think Forward Initiative, and with more partners who share the drive to improve the financial circumstances of individuals and households always welcome to join, the future remains bright. Together with its experts and its innovations, the initiative is gaining a deeper understanding of the behaviour behind financial decision- making. Using those insights, the Think Forward Initiative can help people make financial decisions that are better for them, and ultimately better for both society and the planet as well. Company: The Think Forward Initiative Contact: Dagmar van der Plas Website: Alongside a highly experienced team, Fintrepid Solutions also actively leverage a network of resources that have been built over decades to gain real world intelligence on lending, equity, industry trends, tax and accounting changes, and overall best practices. This in addition to being so close to their clients’ businesses, has allowed them to stay very plugged into what is happening on “Main Street”, where their clients operate every day. The rallying cry for Fintrepid Solutions is to help as many companies thrive in the near term, and not just survive. With no plans of slowing down, especially with their bullish approach on the economy over the next few years, the team are looking forward to creating new opportunities. Looking ahead, the firm sees M&A activity in their market accelerating over the next three to five years. So far, the firm has grown very intentionally and methodically, a strategy they will continue to pursue. Fintrepid Solutions is extremely confident that its rigorous focus on providing value to the market will position it well in the future. Contact: Ryan Weissmueller Company: Fintrepid Solutions Web Address: