Worldwide Finance Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards 25 24 Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards he ideal of a financial or bank lease is one that many in the industry are familiar with, but for electronic manufactures, the team at SMT Renting has brought this to a next level by offering flexible operational leases. For SMT Renting, it’s been an enviable success. As a financial solutions provider, the decision to look beyond the traditional field of bank leases has given customers of SMT Renting an impressive flexibility in their operations. SMT Renting purchases the necessary equipment from different vendors and offers these via flexible operational leases to the end users. For these businesses, this offers the chance to pay a monthly fee from the revenue created, while having the right volume capacity and access to the latest technology. This secures them with the lowest cost of ownership and gives their business maximum flexibility. SMT Renting offers new or pre-used SMT equipment, from single equipment to total SMT Line solutions. At least 80% of today’s SMT Renting customers are seeing a need to change their production requirements within 36 months. By making use of the “STOP & SWAP” option they can quickly adapt to the changing demands, from their customers. For those electronic manufacturers who work with SMT Renting, they feel the benefit of the ultimate flexibility. Leases range from 24-60 months, with the end of the contract marking the point at which a client can re-rent (at a lower rate), rent new, buy at market price, or return the equipment. While the manufacturer doesn’t own the equipment at the end of this period, it is entirely possible that a better solution is available in the market by this point. In the electronic manufacturing industry, ndrew Wigmore and Catherine Bond both held senior positions in major international accountancy firms when they started Blue Peak. In just two years, they’ve seen the business grow into a major success with a team of highly experienced professionals from Big Four companies all sharing in the desire to bring their level of expertise to assist and partner with clients. Blue Peak are the ultimate in consultants for the local market, working alongside clients to offer expert guidance that ensures they and their companies meet their statutory obligations and stay compliant. Beyond this, they are able to provide top-quality business consulting to support businesses in their ventures. This involves understanding their areas of concern, providing them with accurate information to make decisions, as well as guiding them through some of the challenges of owning and managing a business. In the midst of a global pandemic, performing much of this work has not been an easy task. Each new initiative has brought its own challenges, with furloughing for staff, tax reliefs and other government measures all playing a part. From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Blue Peak has been there for its clients, supporting smaller businesses with jargon-free advice and help on what is available for them specifically. In many instances Blue Peak chose to provide a free service which might help keep an otherwise struggling business afloat. While the pandemic has presented its own unique set of difficulties, the team at Blue Peak have grown their revenue by 76% from last year, with an increase in profit of 114%. They are also actively hiring for the 2020 cohort of trainees to bolster the team. Blue Peak has Electronic manufacturers have been investing in their production equipment for many years. With the growing demands for electronic products and changing technology, producers can struggle to keep up to date with their production equipment that will keep them ahead of the competition. For the intrepid team at SMT Renting, this has presented an exciting opportunity which has allowed them to achieve incredible success. We take a closer look to find out more. For small and medium sized operations and start-ups, the biggest challenge can be getting the support that large organisations can easily access. When Andrew Wigmore and Catherine Bond founded Blue Peak, it was with the intention of bringing their expertise from the “Big Four” to those who need it most. With a strong record of success behind them, we profile the firm to find out more. Best Electronic Manufacturing Rental Solutions Provider – Europe Accountancy Firm of the Year 2020 - Thames Valley T A equipment suppliers are quick to innovate, and so every few years they are offering new equipment that is more cost competitive. By using the SMT Renting concept manufacturers get all the possible value from the equipment’s usage, regardless of whether they own it or not. In the COVID-19 economy, getting new equipment might seem foolish, with many businesses asking for employees to be more flexible and by focussing on maintaining what cash they have. Limiting operational expenses by limiting capital investments. While this might seem like the obvious choice, with a decrease in production load, reduced capacity actually represents the perfect opportunity to examine inefficiencies and invest in better ways of working. What businesses now have is time, and the solutions put forward by SMT Renting can be adapted specifically to suit the needs of the day. To deal with these uncertain Corona times, SMT Renting allows companies to grow into their contract, with a lower monthly fee during the start of the lease. Companies can exchange equipment for something that suits the changing market better during the contract period. At a time when the market is incredibly variable, this flexibility is much appreciated. While the team at SMT Renting has been able to adapt perfectly for the needs of today, it is a concept that was developed with an eye on the future. In the past ownership was a major factor in what equipment was used, but with continuously changing demands in volume and technology, getting the most innovative and lowest cost of ownership machines on the shop floor has become a priority. This is why SMT Renting has been able to witness such success. The team acts not only as a source for the latest machinery, but as a much-needed Asset Management partner in the production process. Services are also a natural part of the package from installation, training, maintenance and extended warranty all included within the contract period, being a total service provider within the world of electronic manufacturing. The flexibility that the team bring to every transaction has been a major help to all involved, allowing companies to thrive in a world that is constantly changing. Company: SMT Renting CEO: Mr. Ole Thers Web Address: a stringent hiring process, supported by its HR Partner firm and as a result ensures the best talent is identified. Through its flexible approach and attention to work-life balance, as well as great career opportunities, the team is made of truly exceptional technicians with a passion to support local businesses. Thinking local is what draws many people to work for Blue Peak, and the team play a major role in the local community that builds on this line of thinking. The firm has sponsored a number of local events (including headline sponsor of the Henley Living Advent Calendar which supports a wide range of local charities). Blue Peak also encouraged local businesses and clients to donate items to the Berkshire Women’s Aid Christmas Collection and acted as a drop off point for the local community. The team also provide pro-bono work for local organisations, including local charities and a primary school. Looking ahead, the team hope to continue building their brand in the local market. While they are already an established name for many in the community, it’s clear that the team want to make themselves known to all as the ideal choice for those who need help through the challenges and concerns of owning and managing a business. Applying the skills of a larger company on a smaller scale might seem counterproductive, but it means that Blue Peak can provide exceptional service to clients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it. The spirit of community runs through every aspect of the business and has been crucial to them achieving such success. Company: Blue Peak Web Address: