Worldwide Finance Awards 2020

Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards 21 20 Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards hat is your investment strategy? Do you have one? For the team at Compass Invest, managing wealth is their speciality. Their solutions are made bespoke to suit the needs of the client, allowing them to achieve their goals in any financial area. Working alongside institutional investors, businesses and high-net- worth individuals, the team have been able to achieve some incredible results. Such is the success of Compass Invest, that they serve more than 200 institutional and individual clients. These people and organizations are established local and international institutions, as well as individuals from different areas of public and professional life. Taking the time to truly understand what a client’s risk tolerance, investment preferences and expected return are, the Compass Invest team generate a clear investment objective. This objective puts the team in the position to develop the critical wealth and investment management strategies for which they have become renowned. These strategies are guided by the client’s needs, priorities and the condition of the market which is in constant flux. As a boutique firm with a first-class team behind them, each account is handled with individual care and attention, meaning that all clients receive the finest possible service. The state of the financial industry has made firms like Compass Invest consider their next steps incredibly carefully, as Bulgaria is characterized by one of the lowest ratios in EU in terms of funds and asset management services market share as a percentage of GDP. This is because there is a low financial literacy rate compared to the EU at large. This means there is not much demand for investment solutions that aren’t real estate and bank deposits. Fortunately, the team have seen the positives of this situation, educating clients on the many other options that are open to them. This allows Compass Invest to present many exciting investment opportunities to clients that allow them to diversify their wealth in more than one asset class. Another factor that is helping their business to increase in size is the younger generation, with many now realizing the need to invest earlier in order to secure their future. ver the years, CCAM has built up a wealth of its own: a wealth of strong relationships with many of the most well-known and respected financial institutions across the Asia-Pacific region, and the wider world. Using these relationships, CCAM serves its clients with hedge fund services. These clients mainly include high net worth individuals and large financial institutions across Asia, and they require nothing but the best service. Fortunately, that is exactly what the firm is on hand to deliver. With cutting-edge trading infrastructures and strong mathematical models, CCAM holds the key to successful investment strategies in its palm. However, the finance industry is one that can change on a dime, so being aware of the major challenges also plays a key factor into the firm’s ongoing success. Any number of global issues can affect the financial markets, including the most recent pandemic of COVID-19. The capital market has been helped with its recovery by easing monetary policies and large-scale stimulus plans on a global level, but that status could come under serious jeopardy with further outbreaks of COVID-19 and escalating geo-political relationships. Both the Sino-America conflict and the ever- evolving tariff war between the United States and China have massive impacts on global capital markets. Crucially, it does not affect the level of excellence and diligence that the staff at CCAM show. The trading team at CCAM comprises of experienced traders out of some prominent fund houses and financial institutions, which specialize in the quantitative trading in global markets with the capability to generate new ideas and discover potential investment opportunities. All of the staff work continuously to develop new and profitable trading strategies for high net worth individuals and companies alike. CCAM’s own proprietary trading system is developed in-house by veteran IT developers with an abundance of experience in developing high frequency trading systems and dealing with international prime brokerage houses. In terms of accumulated experience alone, this makes CCAM one of the finest financial firms working in the world today. Armed with this knowledge and experience, the team have been hard at work developing a comprehensive and optimized set of services for clients to constantly tap into and stay ahead of the curve. As a result, CCAM successfully delivers strong returns to its valued investors, as it did so in 2019. The market-neutral strategies have performed well, despite the instability caused the current pandemic and various geopolitical conflicts. That is unquestionably thanks to the hard work of the staff, and the culture they work in every day. CCAM endeavours to always foster a culture that is entrepreneurial, Finding the best investment opportunities is no easy task, and one that is best left to the professionals. In the world of finance, Compass Invest JSC stands above the rest as the ultimate asset manager in the business. With a talented team of investment bankers and asset managers, combined with a global network of contacts, it’s little wonder the team have achieved such success. We profile the firm to find out more. Investing money wisely is always a smart move, ensuring that it can do everything that the owner wants it to do for them. CCAM (Cayman) Limited is a firm that can help its clients do exactly that; invest wisely. The firm is an Asia-Pacific-based hedge fund management firm that specializes in quantitative trading strategies, aiming to provide long-term stable returns whilst minimizing volatility. In order to learn more about how it does that, we take a closer look at the firm. Best Asset Management Company 2020 – Bulgaria & Best Tech- Focussed Fund (Since Inception): Compass Global Trends Best Hedge Fund Manager 2020 - Cayman Islands W O Financial technology is one of the big gamechangers for Compass Invest, and while the industry of wealth management is one of the slowest adopters of digital technology, the team have seen the need for strategic decision making this area. The availability of big data analytics, complex operational and trading platforms as well as portfolio management software products will play a major part in the work of all operational staff in a wealth management company. It must therefore be explored and understood as soon as possible. Amidst such turbulent times, the team at Compass Invest has been one of the top performers on the Bulgarian market for the past few years, with the flagship mutual fund Compass Global Trends topping the performance rankings quite often. With such a small pool of clients, it has been easy for Compass Invest to keep in close and constant communication. The result has been increased investments from people who trust this professional team to take advantage of longer- term investment opportunities. This carefully curated approach, putting the client’s best interests at heart, has been key to the team’s success. In a highly competitive market, they have achieved some outstanding results. As they look ahead to the latest market trends, we can be certain that they will achieve success long into the foreseeable future. Company: Compass Invest JSC Name: Ivo Angarski, Chief Executive Officer | Dragomir Velikov, Chief Investment Officer Telephone: +359 2 4219 517 Email: [email protected] Web Address: innovative, and team-oriented in every sense, which in turn encourages people to contribute to the company as a whole rather than focus on their own direct area of responsibility. When one area succeeds, the whole business succeeds, and that is something that CCAM has worked hard to put at the centre of its workplace culture. With such a focus on cooperation, excellence, and enthusiasm, it is no wonder that the staff want to get together and push CCAM forwards into the future. Every staff member has a teamwork spirit, actively seeking out challenges to their own assumptions, and consistently chooses to do the right thing for the client and the company. Looking to the future, CCAM plans to continuously grow its AUM, and develop even more strong and healthy relationships with financial institutions in the market. In doing so, the firm hopes to keep developing new trading strategies that match the clients’ appetites for success and wealth. The world will no doubt continue to change, but CCAM will be right there as it does so, innovating and searching for new ways to continue delivering the excellence it already does to clients all over the Asia-Pacific region. Company: CCAM (Cayman) Limited Contact: William Hung Website: