Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 89 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 21 McMahons is a boutique commercial law firm priding itself on its in-depth knowledge and commitment to ensuring that clients receive the fairest treatment. We invited Practice Director, Bryan McMahon to talk to us about which attributes he believes are essential to his firm’s success. ounded in 1986, McMahons was established as a specialist insurance law firm and has since operated continuously under various banners since then. The firm’s Practice Director is Bryan McMahon, who boasts more than 40 years’ commercial law experience. The expert legal team leverages technology in order to operate at optimum efficiency. Specialising mainly in Insurance Law and Commercial Litigation, McMahons’ also practice in a range of areas, including Defamation Law, Professional Negligence and Product liability. Operating in a respectable and efficient manner, the team at McMahons also adopts an approach which is down-to-earth and accessible. Bryan starts off the discussion by explaining the firm’s customer-focused approach, stating that client satisfaction is part of the firm’s vision. “Here at McMahons, our clients’ needs are paramount to us, and so matters are handled by our principal lawyers from beginning to end, ensuring each case receives the due care and attention it requires for a fair outcome.” Regarding the business strategy of McMahons, Bryan believes it is important that his staff are able to excel in their specialist areas, and he therefore ensures that staff are able to handle their workloads in a careful and considered manner. Adopting a ‘quality over quantity’ ethos, there are many techniques which the legal team employs in order to ensure that it achieves success, as Bryan refers to. “Crucial to our success has been the fact that we focus on what we are good at. We do not try to be all things to all people. Our sole objective is to do the very best we can in every case that we have and to obtain the very best commercial result for our clients. Everything else takes care of itself.” This approach is crucial in the increasingly competitive legal industry, as although client expectations are rising in regard to results, they are also expected to be delivered alongside fantastic customer service. Bryan comments on the state of the industry at present, alluding to what other issues the firm will have to adapt to in order to succeed. “Commercial litigation is a tough, competitive field these days, due in part to the approach taken by the courts and legislatures. Simply put, it is hard to win every case, so any prospective litigant needs to be very committed and cognisant of the risks involved. Company: McMahons Lawyers Contact/Practice Director: Bryan McMahon LLM (Syd) Address: Level 57 MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia Contact: 0061 2 9011 5638 Website: www.mcmahons- Ensuring the Right Result for You F 1805AI59 As always, preparation is everything. As well, litigation is becoming increasingly expensive due in part to the case management procedures adopted by most courts.” Having achieved continual success since being established, the firm has overcome multiple challenges and opportunities in order to reach its level of standing today. Bryan mentions what potential issues the firm has embraced since starting out, and he explains the impact they had on the firm. “Operating within the insurance industry has been a challenge, as the insurance industry in Australia has been in a state of constant change ever since I can remember. Keeping track of mergers is almost an artform. In the end though, it is just a matter of concentrating on the work that one has and doing it to the best of one’s ability. “There are many characteristics which a law firm must possess in order to ensure it is able to overcome these challenges, and we have been able to do this through understanding the client’s commercial objectives, front- end preparation and being flexible for both our staff and the client.” Managing staff has been an aspect that Bryan has excelled at across his leadership of the firm. In order to motivate his employees, he leads by example, and Bryan is of the opinion that the most important thing is to select the right staff, as it is very difficult to motivate people who are otherwise unmotivated. In his concluding comments, Bryan predicts what the future holds for the business, as well as outlining what he believes developments will arise in the industry and subsequently have an impact on the company’s techniques and other similar firms. “Moving forward, we intend to remain a small specialist commercial litigation firm and have no plans for rapid expansion. “With advancements in technology, it is likely that there will be fewer mega-law firms and more boutique/ specialist firms who are able to offer a similar service. There will be more staff working from home and/or remotely, also there will be less emphasis on large infrastructure and large numbers of support staff. There will be more outsourcing and a proliferation of outsourceable support services and importantly, we have already adapted to this.” m c mahons L A W Y E R S