Global Excellence Awards 2018

76 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 16 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2018 Brightstar is comprised of a team of specialist lending experts delivering outstanding results on a constant basis. We speak to Rob Jupp as we look behind the scenes at the CEO who has been named in AI’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards as UK CEO of the Year in Mortgage Services. ounded in 2011, Brightstar is now an established, multi-award-winning business and has already passed £2.5 billion in completions since its launch. Committed to giving the highest possible levels of customer service and making life easier for the brokers who use the firm, Brightstar assists in helping to find solutions for their clients who may have failed to do so via high street lenders and traditional routes. Rob starts off the discussion by telling us about his company’s approach to clients, and what techniques they utilise in order to ensure that the desired outcome will be reached on both sides. “Here at Brightstar, our staff boast over 250 years of relevant industry experience and ensure they receive quality, knowledgeable support throughout, supporting them every step of the way. We value our strong working relationships and are committed to helping our clients by identifying the best solution. Our team of experts across our key lending areas also work closely together, so we are able to deliver cross- sector solutions where required. Capitalising on the long-term relationships that the firm has built, Brightstar has a unique network of contacts which allows the company and its expert team to be at the forefront of any developments. Rob talks about the glowing reputation that the company holds across the industry, which has only increased due to its extensive results. “Brightstar possesses access to lenders that are not available on a direct to-broker basis, as well as some market leading exclusives, including new revolutionary products under our Private Label brand. Only by asking us to research the market can you be really sure that you’ve got the best deal for your client. Also, we hold ‘premier status’ with many of our lender partners, giving us access to the very best lender underwriters and enhanced service standards.” With Brightstar’s standing within the market increasing on a daily basis, the company is looking at unlimited success under the stewardship of Rob and his team. He tells us what attributes he believes are essential to achieving success within the market and sector. “In our industry it is important to be an innovator, a trailblazer, to keep the flame alight for our brand and stay on top. Our innovative ideas mean we are the leader in our sector as we look for gaps in the market to give broker what they ask for. “Partnerships are essential in our industry. Having strong relationships enables us to create new ideas Company: Brightstar Financial Limited Contact: Rob Jupp Address: The Hub, Unit 7 Lake Meadows Business Park, Woodbrook Crescent, Billericay, Essex, CM12 0EQ, UK Phone: 01277 500900 Website: Your Specialist Finance Partner F 1805AI18 and know how our lenders and brokers alike work making us experts in our field. Customer service is at the forefront of our strategy, our customers are the lifeline of our business and therefore providing a superior level of care is a necessity.” Drawing on his experience at Brightstar, Rob was keen to describe the challenges and opportunities that he has faced during his time here, as well as what he has had to do in order to adapt to these developments. “In setting up Brightstar, I had a unique opportunity to be different and do things differently, the market needed new answers to old questions after many of the old answers led to the crisis itself. “Brightstar was established and has grown based on solid foundations, appointing experts in their fields, growing our own new and passionate staff to bespoke and specialised expertise to more than 70% of the mortgage intermediary market. All of the challenges of being the thought leader and leading specialist distributor, enables us to remain focused on providing the best possible service we can to introducers and clients, as well as ensuring that my role remains strategic in forging new innovations not just for our business, but for our sector.” An essential part of Rob’s role as CEO has been to set out the vision of the company, and devise a strategy which will see the team work together to achieve this mission. However, it is also important that Rob leads from the front and develops his staff which will, in turn, allow them to maximise their potential. “As such, we are proud to be an outstanding people developer. Also, our award-winning training and development programme ensures that all employees are fully supported on their personal career journeys, and can fulfil their true and full potential. Equipped with our own bespoke training and development area (The Greenhouse), a Director of People Development as well as a team of Learning Champions, Brightstar provides the ideal environment to welcome new recruits to the profession and to provide outstanding professional development.” Moving forward, the company has long-term aspirations of staying at the forefront of the financial industry, and continuing to be one step ahead of its competitors. With its team of dedicated, ambitious and expert professionals, Brightstar will achieve its ‘Vison 2020’ project that will see the company continue to grow, whilst keeping all employees on the journey.