Global Excellence Awards 2018

66 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 32 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2018 Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, established in 2012 is Turkey’s expanding law firm based in Istanbul having correspondent lawyers/offices worldwide including North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Dubai, London and various regions in Turkey. Recently, we spoke to Founding Partner, Selçuk Esenyel who revealed to us the secrets behind this successful firm. stablished in 2012, Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants is Turkey’s expanding law firm based in Istanbul having correspondent lawyers/offices worldwide including North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Dubai, London and various regions in Turkey. Esenyel|PartnersLawyers&Consultantsrepresents the world’s leading companies in all areas of the law including, international and domestic corporate and financial matters, energy, oil and gas matters, international trade, and technology to name a few. Selçuk S. Esenyel, who is the founding partner of Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, is one the key-players for the success of this firm. He focuses on maritime, admiralty, dispute resolution, banking and finance and securitisation matters. Selçuk’s aim is to be an example to young lawyers entering this sector and always ensures that his team is pro-active in keeping up-to-date with the recent developments and to enhance their knowledge Talking us through Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants’ approach when undertaking a new client or project, Selçuk begins by informing us of how the firm ensures from the start that the needs of everyone involved are met. Also, Selçuk notes on the firm’s ongoing strategy and what techniques they employ to ensure that they achieve it. “At Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, we ensure that the needs/concerns of our clients have been noted clearly, to prevent any repetition and that we are able to commence their work immediately. Communication is essential part of the services we guarantee to our clients. Also, we ensure that our clients are made aware of the stages undertaken relating to their file at all times. “Our firm’s strategy is to fully dedicate ourselves to handling matters by avoiding unnecessary litigation for our clients, by adopting a client- centric approach. We look at the situations from the client’s perspective, thinking about their needs and the sector which they operate in. We also ensure that we have a relationship-driven approach to our clients, so that we are able to build a strong relationship with them and work for them on an ongoing basis.” Contact: Selçuk S. Esenyel Company: Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants Address: iTower, Merkez Mahallesi, Akar Caddesi, No:3 Office No: 135 Floor: 19, Bomonti, Şişli/İstanbul/ Turkey, Postcode: 34384 Telephone: 0090 212 397 1991 Web: TurningObstacles into Opportunities E 1804AI35 It is no secret that behind every successful company is a team of dedicated individuals, who work tirelessly to ensure the team reach their goals. For Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, Selçuk praises the talented team, reflecting on how he cultivates an atmosphere which is conducive to a productive working environment. “Here at Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, we ensure that our team is pro-active and is regularly trained to keep up with the developments. Our team is very knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, and as a result, this makes us standout from our competitors.” Bringing the interview to a close, Selçuk provides us with an overview of the challenges and opportunities that have arisen during his time at the firm, as well the futures developments he foresees within the industry. “The global economic instabilities changed the client’s expectation and demands, resulting in implementing new ways of serving the needs of our firm’s clients. Addition to this, bureaucracy has affected investment opportunities in Turkey and overseas, preventing the client’s looking for legal assistance. However, clear explanation and assistance from the first day of our meeting with the clients has enabled us to overcome these instabilities which is affecting the sector all over the world.” “As for future developments within the industry, technology will play a major part in the sector. Even now it has become essential to the success of our practice. Clients are becoming more demanding and have a hands-on experience on their matters. There- fore, there is a need to continue to keep the standards of our firm high to meet the needs of our clients.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the company, Selçuk highlights the plans that he envisions for the firm. “Here at Esenyel|Partners Lawyers & Consultants, we will continue to expand our business to ensure that we venture into new projects in different legal fields. Also, we are always open for new challenges.” “Lastly, we aim to increase our presence in different regions of the world with the support of our lawyers who have experience overseas.”