Global Excellence Awards 2018

194 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2018 21 MasterOneCare Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for those that need it. We profiled the firm to discover more about the exceptional level of care that they provide to each of their clients. asterOneCare Ltd is a domiciliary care company established to support adults to continue to live in their own home for as long as possible. The company excels in providing quality care for a diverse adults and their individual needs. As for what enables the firm to be the success that they are today, is that they always introduce new members of staff to all of their customers, and that guests see the same regular care workers. In addition to this, the team at MasterOneCare Ltd receive regular reviews to ensure that all is working well, and they are able to talk over the phone when required. The team at MasterOneCare Ltd believe that it is important that an individual’s requirements be incorporated where possible, ensuring that they are comfortable in the firm’s care. This can mean incorporating traditions and ethics as these are at times some of the most important things that MasterOneCare Ltd can provide. They say there is no place like home and at MasterOneCare Ltd, the team are firm believers in this too. There has always been a perceived notion that Home Care could not provide the same level of support as residential placement. However, whilst this may have been true in the past, these days it is perfectly possible, all in the security and familiarity of home. Live in Care provides all the same benefits afforded in residential care, with a carer on hand through the day and night to provide any assistance required as part of the personalised care plan. Additionally, Live in Care also brings the companionship into the directly into the home, which is difficult to achieve in a care facility. Company: MasterOneCare Ltd Address: Trident Court One, Office 07, One Oakcroft Road Chessington Surrey, KT9 1BD Telephone: 020 30442745 Web Address: MasterOneCare Ltd : Providing Quality Care M Oct18233 Having this level of dedicated support available to clients is a real alternative to be considered, avoiding the uncertainty, upheaval and emotional distress that comes as part of a major life change in moving into a Care Home, which can affect everyone involved. The team at MasterOneCare can help decide whether Live in Care is suitable based on the individual situation and assist in tailoring a specialised Care Plan that fulfils all requirements. It is the all-encompassing package of all MasterOneCare Ltd’s services into one. Additionally, the company understands that Live in Care is not just a long-term requirement, and that there may be instances where this high level of support may be needed on a short-term basis. As such, the team at MasterOneCare Ltd are able to help. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at MasterOneCare Ltd will continue to provide the exceptional services which saw them receive the accolade Most Outstanding Home Care Services Provider 2018 – Surrey in Acquisition Intl. Magazine’s Global Excellence Awards 2018. Moving forward, MasterOneCare Ltd will continue to proceed trying to go paperless with the new phones for care workers to support with the logging in and out, as well as recording any concerns regarding their customers. “...the company understands that Live in Care is not just a long-term requirement, and that there may be instances where this high level of support may be needed on a short-term basis.”