Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 183 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 57 Aaceses Ihmire Industries is an engineering technology design and manufacturing company. Following their success in Acquisition Intl’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Innovative Robotics & AI Engineering Technology Firm 2018 – Ohio, we profiled the firm and spoke to Founder & CEO, Tiarra Barton who revealed more about the secrets behind their success. ounded in 2013, Aaceses stands for Avionics, Automation, Controls, Electronic Scientifically Engineered Systems. Ihmire stands for “ Intelligent Human Machines Interact Robotically Everyday ”. Aaceses Ihmire specialises in the creation of super intelligent complex systems, IIOT (Industrial Internet of things) and IOT (Internet of things) devices and components. The team at Aaceses Ihmire Industries strive to develop the most high-level technology that will not only save lives, but also improves the environment around the world. They take pride in providing their customers with super intelligent systems as well as real-time solutions. The firm’s customers consist of commercial and private sector organisations as well as the United States Department of Defense. Tiarra begins by going into greater detail about the firm’s approach to undertaking a new client, highlighting the ways in which the team at Aaceses Ihmire Industries ensure right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved. “Here at Aaceses Ihmire Industries, our approach when undertaking a new customer is to first understand the customers’ needs and requirements. We make sure that we are able to meet the customer’s needs in a timely manner. Most importantly, we ensure proper communication as well as making sure all procedures and processes are properly followed.” Whilst on the topic of the internal culture at Aaceses Ihmire Industries, Tiarra is keen to explain how Contact: Tiarra Barton, Founder & CEO Company: Aaceses Ihmire Industries Address: 5755 Westbourne Ave, Columbus, Ohio, 43213, USA Telephone: 001 614 975 2211 Web Address: Creating Super Intelligent Complex Systems F 1810AI09 she manages her team, as well as noting the opportunities which are available to them. “The way I manage my staff is by creating an environment that allows for career advancements by implementing cross-functional job training. I give employees the opportunity to learn all that they can and grow both in their career and personal lives.” Aaceses Ihmire Industries ongoing strategy is utilising “ Continuous Process Improvement ” methods. These methods include high-level quality control and the use of KPI (Key Performance Measurements), as Tiarra explain. “Using these methods gives us an overall view of how Aaceses Ihmire Industries is performing, informing us if we are meeting the company’s overall goals and objectives. This ensures that we are keeping up with market trends, meeting every customer’s needs and ensuring that we are delivering high quality products and services.” Bringing the interview to a close, Tiarra signs off by reflecting on the current state of the industry as well as revealing what she believes is essential to achieving success within such an ever-changing sector. “Overall, I think the current state of the robotics & artificial intelligence industry is good. Technology is changing every day and there are enormous opportunities available in this field. Robotics and AI is changing how business is run across the world. New technologies and solutions are being developed everyday so this is a good time to be in this industry. “As for maintaining success within the industry, I believe the key attributes to stay ahead of the game within the robotics and AI industry is a deep understanding of how this technology works, including how it can change and save lives. Additionally, I believe that knowing and understanding how you can contribute to this industry will help set you apart from other companies which are in this sector.” “As for maintaining success within the industry, I believe the key attributes to stay ahead of the game within the robotics and AI industry is a deep understanding of how this technology works...”