Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 175 Acquisition International - January 2018 25 Innovative Apprentice Technology Solutions An agile working attitude means staff possess a clear sense of what the client is trying to achieve as a company, which means the team are able to map out how they are going to get the client to where they want to be. The whole process includes clearly engaging all resources, employees and clients, in working together to deliver on the client’s objectives. Regarding what is ahead for both Smart Apprentices and its clients, the future looks very bright and exciting, as the firm continues to develop its technologies, with its innovative and creative staff generating new products, making them the best in the business. Moving forward, the future is exciting for both Smart Apprentices and its clients as staff continue to develop its best in breed innovative apprenticeship technologies. Moreover, the team has an exciting new addition to its suite which it is currently developing to bring to market in 2018. This addition will be even more disruptive to the current working practices of the sector. Working with a clear vision of providing a ‘one stop shop’ for apprenticeship providers, the CEO’s in the company’s client base tell the firm that they want to use fewer technologies in order to deliver their apprenticeships. Smart Apprenticeships is expected to lead the way in this regard, and people are looking to the company to come up with a fully integrated suite of best in breed technologies. The firm intend to continue to fulfil their aspirations in 2018. Ultimately, as technology is ever advancing and new developments are arising every day, there are many challenges and issues which may arise but these are challenges which Smart Apprenticeships are well prepared for. The global corporate landscape for apprenticeships is vibrant, and the introduction of the apprenticeship employer levy has created a new style of degree level apprenticeships across all types of different job roles. This is giving young people an opportunity to combine earning whilst learning their degree, and this is a win-win for employers, training providers and young learners.