Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 171 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 31 Independence, Commitment, Expertise “The collaborative culture that exists within KBA is important. The boutique nature of our firm facilitates the retention of this culture. We are highly selective, appointing only individuals having a strong cultural fit with KBA. Equally important is staff retention. “Each staff member completes a rigorous in house technical training course which includes weekly training and review sessions over a six month period. All staff also attend weekly updates on regulatory developments.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, KBA will continue to grow its business in a measured, prudent manner and adapt its services as the requirements of its clients and industry regulation evolve. Paul signs off by revealing what new services KBA has recently put in place. In terms of new services, KBA has established a new fund registration service, a new GDPR compliance service and a new Cayman AML service in 2018. KBA recognises that Brexit will have a significant impact on its clients. KBA continuously reviews and develops its Brexit service solutions. KBA’s Brexit service solutions are: • The provision of a third party management company in Ireland. • The provision of consulting support services to client proprietary management companies in Ireland.