Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 131 48 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 Nicky Goodman and Co provides a complete specialised service in family and matrimonial law. Taking time to provide us with an overview of the award- winning firm, is Nicky Goodman, who provides us with an insight into what makes them the success we know them as today. stablished in October 2016, Nicky Goodman & Co. is still relatively new. In that time however, we have won three awards, obtained a favourable SQM assessment and obtained re-accreditation with Resolution – an organisation that asks its accredited members to show expertise and skill in their chosen field. Also, we have propelled a large number of cases through the Courts. The firm provides a complete specialised service in family and matrimonial law. This includes pre-marital agreements, co-habitation advice and co-ownership disputes, divorces, financial settlements, injunctions and domestic abuse, together with all types of children work acting in both private family and public care work. The client base is varied and interesting. We act in high net worth financial cases and also for those in need, at the time that their children or grandchildren are taken into care. Most of our clients come to us through word of mouth, driven by our reputation and success rate. We front load our cases by taking copious amounts of detail at the stage of initial instructions, which enables us to understand the needs and realistic goals for every individual client. Then, we work closely with the client at each stage of the case, ensuring that we meet and communicate regularly to discuss all updates. It is imperative that the client understands their case and can therefore have insight into the advice we give. We make no excuses for being very careful in ensuring that we can put their case to them in context, both with what to expect and in terms of the legal framework. In high value finance cases, it is sometimes helpful to engage experts, such as experienced counsel who invariably meet with the clients to discuss tactics and the options in their case. Contact: Nicky Goodman Company: Nicky Goodman & Co., 8 Shambles, York, Yorkshire, YO1 7LZ, UK Telephone: 01904 404 544 Web Address: Providing a Positive and Dynamic Approach E 1808AI01 In the legal world, the high street lawyer who can meet all the client’s needs from buying a house to preparing a will and any litigation or family dispute in between, is becoming a rarity. There are many firms now who specialise in non-contentious work. Nicky Goodman & Co seeks to capitalise upon the growing need and the gap in the market for expertise in family law. Clients no longer feel duty bound to refer their matters to the solicitors used historically by their family. That type of brand loyalty no longer really exists. In the days of social media, consumers are used to shopping around. At Nicky Goodman & Co., we are not afraid to utilise technology and the advantages that it can bring to the client. An all-encompassing case management system allows the firm to operate effectively and efficiently using all the tools available. Our system provides us with speed and accuracy. Whilst our client is at work, we can continue to keep them updated. We can negotiate with their opponent during the day and report to the client outside of normal office hours with results. The industry is in flux which is quite normal. People may complain that the wheels of Justice take a long time to turn. In reality however, the Court system is extremely sensitive to the zeitgeist. Judges and advocates deal with everyday problems, every day. In these days of cuts and austerity, the Courts continue to modernise and keep up with the times. Judges are having to work with technology on a daily basis and keep up to date with that technology. Barristers handle their work in Court with online trial bundles. Judges use laptops. A further major change has been the reduction in Court time to see cases through to the end, particularly in children’s matters. Over the years, I have built on my experience and up to date knowledge of the law to provide clients with a meaningful service. No amount of IT, case management or social media skills can yet replace time served in the field. It provides the family lawyer with good instincts and an understanding of the potential outcomes of the case. Nicky Goodman & Co seeks to be different. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the office. The emphasis is on inclusion so that everyone in the office is equally important. Clients can see us as their peers, trying to help, rather than feeling dictated to by someone in a suit. “Nicky Goodman & Co seeks to be different. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the office. The emphasis is on inclusion so that everyone in the office is equally important.”