Global Excellence Awards 2018

122 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 40 i iti I t r ti l - Issue 7 2018 Establishing S&O Partnership in 2015, Stephanie Roe has punctuated an already blooming career with a firm that excels in cases involving criminal and regulatory law. Director and Managing Partner of S&O Partnership, Stephanie was recently recognised in Acquisition International Magazine’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards with the title of Most Influential Woman in Criminal Defence. Following the win, Stephanie took the time to talk us through how she has forged a career in this demanding legal arena. estled between Marylebone and Whitechapel, S&O Partnership is a law firm in the very heart of London. Describing themselves as a niche criminal and regulatory firm, they have made their name – in just three short years – as experts in all facets of white collar and general crime. Representing privately paying companies and individuals, Stephanie Roe has made a fast impression as a highly-capable lawyer, and ardent, meticulous advocate for her clients. Starting her career as a Paralegal at Hickman and Rose Solicitors in 2007, Stephanie became a Solicitor in 2010 at Bindmans, moving to ABV Solicitors and Corker Binning in 2013. Stephanie stayed there until 2015, when she launched S&O Partnerships with Oliver Al-Falah, a fellow practitioner in criminal and regulatory law. The pair were later joined by Robyn Walters, a specialist in financial crimes. To start, we asked Stephanie how she approaches her cases, “When taking on a new case the most important factor is to understand what the client is seeking to achieve. It is my job to understand the law and use it to achieve that outcome. There is also a holistic approach to the case and the individual, as the outcome of a case is life changing - affecting work, life and relationships. It is imperative throughout a case to be mindful of the emotional toll on an individual, as well as to support them as best you can, and refer them to the relevant experts where appropriate.” This leads naturally to Stephanie’s business strategy, which is defined, first and foremost, by a client-centric outlook, “My business strategy is to do the best possible job for the client, to achieve the Contact: Stephanie Roe Company: S&O Partnership Ltd. Address: Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AL United Kingdom Phone: 0207 698 4468 Web: A Powerful Advocate in Criminal Law N 1807AI11 objectives and do so in a way which reflects value for money. As the business grows this strategy will remain. We are streamlined and our working practise means that we can be costs effective for our clients.” Maintaining a consistently excellent service remains at the heart of the firm, and a core driver behind their success. Stephanie herself understands the importance of keeping high standards when working with private clients; “The industry is competitive. There is however, a distinct difference between publicly funded and private work. Many legal aid firms now undertaking private work do not always prepare cases to the level that would be expected of a private matter with clients receiving a low-level service that they have paid for; private clients do not always receive value for money.” By all appearances, S&O Partnership appears to be thriving, regardless of the competition in the industry. Stephanie assures us that there are challenges in successfully managing a law firm from the ground up, “There have been many challenges in running a law firm and setting it up. Learning to run a business, market to secure businesses and undertaking case work is a balancing act and one that requires dedication and time management.” Perhaps most importantly, Stephanie considers S&O Partnership to be a contemporary firm, right down to the management style, “The firm has a modern outlook and that is reflected in the management style. I aim to be open, supportive and genuinely want my staff to achieve their potential and succeed. Motivated and happy staff help market the firm to prospective clients and it makes the working enjoyable.” This plays directly into Stephanie’s vision of S&O Partnership’s future – a future defined by growth, without sacrificing the elements that have made the firm the success that it is today: “I want to slowly see the firm grow and take on more staff, but it is essential not to lose the ethos of the firm. I will only employ the right candidates as I want the firm to continue to be niche and retain its reputations.” “Hard work and determination to consistently achieve the best outcome builds reputations - that is the asset of the business.”