Global Excellence Awards 2018

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2018 105 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 35 customers. The leadership team at SOLCARGO ensures that its lawyers are up to date in each of their specialisations, encouraging the growth of their professional development which will be reflected in the success of the legal cases in their charge. Located in Mexico, SOLCARGO is based in a region which is currently in an important transition in its legal system, as the area is leaving behind the written system in judicial procedures, to make way for orality. This transformation means a paradigm shift in the field of dispute resolution, since it implies a new working method for judges and The Law Firm You Cannot Live Without lawyers. Importantly, the dispute resolution team of SOLCARGO has the broad knowledge required by this new legal system, being one of the offices that have most promoted the implementation of orality in the country. Furthermore, Mexico has opened the door to private investment in its energy sector, giving way to a free market system. This subject requires professionals with extensive knowledge in regulatory and energy law, which has allowed SOLCARGO to participate in various proceedings that, because of their complexity, challenge and test the skills of the team’s lawyers. Undoubtedly, these national changes represent, besides an important challenge for all lawyers in general, a great opportunity for SOLCARGO to continue standing out in the provision of legal services. Overall, building on its success as a leading law firm, the team at SOLCARGO will continue its commitment to providing the best service to clients. Also, with its community work and professional development, these will continue to be the main factors that lead SOLCARGO to continue being distinguished by various and international media, as one of the best legal firms in Mexico.