Acquisition International Packages 2023

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter Slate Trophy Wall Plaque Glass Trophy The personalised plaque / personalised trophies are physical items which will be personalised to include the clients’ award details and delivered to an address of their choosing. Each typically include the clients company name & award title, but company logos can be incorporated into the design and changes to the layout can be made upon request. Personalised winners certificate The digital certificate is typically A4 size and can be provided to you in print-ready format either in portrait or landscape, great for those who wish to display their award both in their online presence and around the office. Personalised banner logo The digital banner is a longer version of the standard digital logo, great for use across websites and within email signatures for those who have more space to fill to shout about their award. Personalised Badge Logo The digital badge is great for use across social media and is designed to fit neatly within their email signatures for those who want something more subtle. Trophies & Plaques Digital Examples acquisition international the voice of modern business - est. 2010 This is to certify that: Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: 2023 Global Excellence Awards Award Title CERTIFICATE DATE