2023 Global CFO Excellence Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction Acquisition International is happy to announce the Global CFO Excellence Awards are returning for the seventh consecutive year! Over the past six years, the Global CFO Excellence Awards have shined a light on the best CFOs in business. From a start-up, a SME or large conglomerate, the Global CFO Excellence Awards have been able to fairly assess, analyse and reward the best of the best. Acquisition International is therefore thrilled to announce this highly successful awards programme is returning. The Global CFO Excellence Awards is will honour pioneering CFOs who go above the call of duty and demonstrate unmatched levels of innovation and determination. Constantly assessing market and consumer trends, it is the role of the CFO to shape future business decisions. For this reason, we at Acquisition International have chosen to celebrate these individuals. In industries where CFOs can be overlooked, we have chosen to highlight and congratulate the hard work that is undertaken by the most outstanding CFOs. Bronze Package 695 GBP Full page editorial Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo 16 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2021 Best Global Market Research Agency 2021 – Latin America he company’s core value, which has direct influence on its culture, is to have the client as its main priority. As the whole team keeps that in mind, the processes, delivery and quality of Smart Research’s services become big differentials. It has kept this culture strong since the beginning. In terms of the company’s research services, its qualitative methods include focus groups (including triads and dyads), in-depth interviews (telephone and/or web mediated), online communities, mystery shopper and ethnographies. Quantitative research offered is in the form of CATI, CAPI, PAPI and CAWI (all forms of telephone, computer-assisted or traditional interviewing), voice/speech and photo collection, online and offline surveys, package and product tests, as well as customer satisfaction and market share. Its clients are global organisations, consultancies and agencies from the market research areas requiring data collection services, and its main prospection tools have been LinkedIn, email, and occasionally phone calls. Smart Research’s uniqueness is in the speed with which it delivers its services, and in its prices; competitive and aligned with the market. Having the client as its number one priority requires T nothing but excellence in its processes, from the first point of contact to the delivery of service. Bold people with a desire for constant learning and resilience in all they do are certainly the people that Smart Research seeks to have around. The company culture is closely attached to these three pillars. It believes in the impossible and is always looking for new ground-breaking opportunities. The market research industry has obviously been hit in some part by the global pandemic because many research studies require physical contract, which was not allowed. But Smart Research perceived an extraordinarily strong digitalisation wave. An ever-growing number of digital research and online calls have been taking place within the industry. And the biggest advantage the company has had in this period was the fact that it was already working on being a digitalisation and technology-driven business. This was a decisive turning point for its exponential growth through the whole year of 2020. Its main goal for 2021 is internationalisation through technology. Smart Research wants the technology use in its business to break down barriers and allow it to have global coverage. It is hoping, by the end of 2021, to be firmly stablished in the American, European and Asian continents, aiming for the biggest countries of each continent as reference. Smart Research is only just getting started. It knows its industry is filled with big players with many years of tradition and experience, but it also knows the strength of its own team, its ambition for breaking down barriers, and its use of technology as an innovative tool are factors which have made it the fastest growing Latin American market research company in the last year. Smart Research is a market research company which specialises in data collection for qualitative and quantitative projects. It has the absolute pleasure of partnering up with clients from all around the globe, offering data collection services for their market research projects. Mar21546 Company: Smart Market Research Contact: Eri Johnson Laurentino Website: www.smartmresearch.com