Legal Awards 2022

16 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Aug22604 Best Professional Transaction Advisory Firm – Hong Kong Working with a trusted and extensive network with an equally comprehensive list of services, Robustus Investment Management Limited is a bespoke, Hong Kong-based wealth management service. Its unparalleled expertise translates into solutions that meet its clients’ each and every need. Here we take a closer look at what it does as it wins this admirable award. obustus positions itself as a one-stop financial service provider, covering areas in corporate finance, financial advising, asset management, private equity, and trust management. Robustus strives to provide top-notch services and advice to its clients and help them overcome challenges to achieve their ultimate goals. Robustus works with a trusted network of global executives across public and private sectors to offer bespoke wealth management services – with unparalleled expertise and a range of solutions to meet each need. Robustus has a specialisation team and partners looking into every aspect of the transaction and could give its client a single solution. In addition, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, and New York, Robustus has extensive connections in all major financial centres globally. In investment management, Robustus covers private equity, trusts and estates, and a suite of alternative for miscellaneous fields of investment opportunities. These alternatives include digital assets, blockchain-related businesses, commercial real estate, art, and frontier assets; anything gaining popularity is something Robustus is willing to investigate and adopt as part of a diversification strategy. Its dedicated alternative investment team leverages meticulous quantitative methods and technical analysis to achieve the appropriate portfolio diversification that its clients are after and attractive growth. Meanwhile, its more traditional options involve building on its in-house finance and business expertise – as well as its locally rooted global network – to source, evaluate, and capture investment opportunities. Its private equity investments focus on growth equity, leveraged buyouts, and turnaround situations, deploying equity and debt strategies that best fit each project’s characteristics and create the greatest value for all stakeholders. Meanwhile, in the realm of Robustus’s trust and estate services, its experienced trust and investment specialists are here to guide you through the complex trust and estate landscape and provide the right investment strategies to help you achieve capital growth through serving in a variety of roles, to fulfil any trust or fiduciary responsibilities. Whether clients require onshore or offshore solutions, Robustus is well-equipped and prepared to assist them. Its team, and members within its network, collaborate on any issues that manifest to manage the deal process through every R step. Regardless of the dynamic and fast-changing environment, its advisory team works with both the buy and sell sides to reach a positive solution, even if the problem is particularly complex. Robustus’s greatest strength is its ability to draw upon its human capital – which has a long history of delivering proven value. The firm believes people are the vital building blocks of its business, and Robustus makes sure to hire and nurture those best suited for the organisation and its practices. Robustus has a straightforward hiring process, matching the best talent with the best mentor and team, then guiding the advancement of career and continuing training and further education opportunities. Robustus are an equal-opportunities employer, and Robustus drive to have a gender and racial-equality working environment and ensures that employees’ voices are heard. By paying close attention to their needs and those of its stakeholders, Robustus ensures that everyone’s interests aren’t compromised, and problems can be effectively dealt with. The biggest challenge the firm is currently facing is the local pandemic restriction measures, which have encouraged many businesses to look towards Singapore. Gaining the faith of the business society to come back to Hong Kong is the greatest challenge Robustus will face over the upcoming years, one that it has ensured it has the right talent and tools to accomplish this mission. However, in more positive terms, Robustus is also looking to expand its presence into Seoul by 2023 while completing at least three other significant transactions by the end of 2022. It has a busy time ahead, filled with successes and challenges, but both are well within Robustus’s plans. Robustus Investment Management Limited is an organisation with an ever-growing scale and scope, built on and fostered by the incredible staff at its disposal. With its wealth of experience and services, it is clear how Robustus has grown to become Hong Kong’s Best Professional Transaction Advisory Firm. Its coverage of local and international markets with its comprehensive coverage of services makes it the firm to turn to for expert advice on the topic of financials. 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