Legal Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 13 Applying high-level training and experience in the prevention and early resolution of legal disputes, its staff champion open communication and mutual knowledge sharing in order to allow a client to enjoy a resolutely excellent experience that considers a multitude of professional perspectives. Therefore, its team of lawyers provides a complete advisory service in various fields – critically, civil, commercial, criminal, tax, and real estate law – and it promises that its clients can expect its usual outstanding quality of service to continue as it keeps pushing its industry and market segment towards the future. With legislature in the macro scale changing daily, it will be innovative and forward-thinking firms like GRUND that shape the field the most. Contact: Alejandro Sarzosa Larrea GRUND Abogados LLP Address: Ave. 12 de Octubre N24-660, World Trade Center Quito, Suite 1003-1004, Quito-Ecuador Telephone: +593 2 2523143 Email: Website: Aug22431 Tax Lawyer of the Year (Ecuador): Alejandro Sarzosa Larrea For GRUND Abogados, the driving force behind its services is all in the name. Grund, a German word meaning ‘reason, foundation, or cause’, functions to describe the dedication this Ecuadorian company has towards constituting itself as a defender of its client’s cause. Acting with reason, purpose, and intent, GRUND prides itself on being right beside the client every step of the way, throughout their professional and personal activities both. boutique firm dedicated to legal advice – both for companies and for private individuals – GRUND Abogados is the Ecuadorian tax lawyer with a modern way of working and an international expertise. Nominally, its purposeful and driven representation is something that each of its clients has lauded as exemplary over the years, allowing a variety of even the most complex cases to be resolved in an efficient, effective, and resolute manner that achieves a satisfactory conclusion for the client. When it comes to problem solving, therefore, GRUND boasts proven capabilities in being able to rise to any challenge with tenacity. Indeed, the people within its ranks who make this possible are impeccably taught professionals with industry-leading attitudes; being exemplary professional lawyers, each of them offer the clients of GRUND access to the utmost support, to the highest of ethical and legislative standards. Based on the knowledge and experience that they boast, every person on its team is one with personal acclaim to speak of, able to prove their excellence simply by their litany of past clients, all of whom vouch for their ethics, accountability, and top-down legal counsel. A