Legal Awards 2022

12 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Labor Litigation Firm of the Year - Chile ince 1985, the team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada have been leading the way when it comes to labor relations. The advice the team are able to provide covers every concern an organisation might have regarding the labor force. Their work positions companies so that they negotiate from as strong a position as possible. Despite the specialist nature of what the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team offer, they are in high demand in a host of different industries. Collection companies, stockbrokers, laboratories and clinics all use the services offered by the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team because they are of the huge expertise they can offer. The mission of the company has always been to provide a compressive approach to legal matters, with personalisation key to this continued success. Turning to such a small team means that you buy incredible dedication to your needs through their impressive knowledge and skillset. The level of commitment shown by the team over the years has proven that they have more than enough flexibility within their operation to triumph on your behalf. Such expertise is invaluable when dealing in the potential fraught circumstances of labor litigation. The team pride themselves on offering such a strong boutique service, pushing for the personal in how they operate at all times. Whilst other firms might be larger, with more resources, the team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada focus in on what they know, and ensure that they can deliver results that go above and beyond the compeititon. With them, you can be certain of a swift and effective response whenever you need it. Looking ahead, it’s clear this impressive team are always taking steps to ensure that they can represent their clients as efficiently as possible. They have adapted to the developments put forth by the internet and staff regularly take refresher courses in various aspects of law to guarantee the best service. Many businesses will sit back and see where the industry is headed, but the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team are committed to not only staying current, but to being the first in the industry as far as possible. For them, the needs of their clients mean that they must always push the boundaries as far as possible. S When it comes to labour litigation, businesses cannot afford to get things wrong. The team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada are one of the most formidable forces in the industry, speaking up on behalf of numerous businesses. In the AI Legal Awards from Acquisition International, the team’s sterling efforts in the field were justly acknowledged. We dig deeper into this leading legal voice of the industry to uncover more. Company: Asesorias Pimentel Limitada Name: Valentin Pimentel Alvarado Email: Web Address: Sep22117 When engaging in labor litigation, you want to be sure that your legal representative is going above and beyond to ensure that your best interests are being represented. The team behind Asesorias Pimentel Limitada understand how important these decisions are, the impact they can have on companies and the precision that must go into every case. There are few better placed to ensure your success.