Legal Awards 2021

6 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 or the transfer of personal data to the National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data. They have a proven track record in being able to analyse the personal data processing process and proposing the target procedure to be established, as well as conducting the essential compliance audits that ensure total securing within business organizations. The breadth of the MA Global Consulting team does not stop with business law, however. The firm is able to deliver breath taking tax services that ensure that their clients do not end up in a complex legal environment that contains a wealth of financial risks. Because the risks are so great, it’s little wonder that the MA Global Consulting team place taxation at the very heart of their management decisions. The team is always on hand to ensure that their clients not only fulfil their tax obligations to government, but implement strategies that will allow them to thrive for many years to come. These leading specialists in the world of tax are able to offer unprecedented support for their clients. Naturally, this support covers many different services, each with their own unique challenges. The ability of the team to support their clients in such a holistic way has been key to securing their continued success over the years. Whether it’s assistance with tax compliance or corporate taxation, support with tax audits or optimization or even undertaking the research and proposal of solutions in terms of succession, business transfer or inheritance, the MA Global Consulting have you covered. Their incredible skill and knowledge in this area has not only put them at the forefront of the industry, but has secured their position there for many years. The holistic approach that has put the team on top means that they not only consider the legal perspective of how a business is run, but the general direction of the company and the way in which it is run. The team of consultants and experts are considering at all times the ways in which they can support their clients to make their projects into the success that they deserve to be. As a result of the firm’s multidisciplinary nature, they are always making proposals that account for the firm as a whole, as opposed to purely its financial and legal status. Over the years, the team at MA Global Consulting have been proud to work closely with other organizations, taking advantage of their ability on a local level to support businesses looking to explore Morocco and the rest of the region as a whole. The start of 2020 demonstrated this eye for growth and collaboration clearly as the team announced their latest collaborative move with Andersen Global. After a rigorous selection process, Andersen Global chose the firm both for its commitment to the highest of standards and for its position in the market. With the larger firm looking to expand into Africa, the sheer scale of what MA Global Consulting has achieved made them the ideal partners. When looking to the success of MA Global Consulting, it’s worth considering the incredible backgrounds from which the staff are drawn. Both Mehdi El Attar and Manar Fadriq, the founding partners, have worked at the prestigious PricewaterhouseCoopers, with the other partners, Hafssa Manar and Oussama Fedane boasting an incredible wealth of experience. All four speak fluent English, Arabic and French to ensure that they can always understand an issue in the clearest possible terms. The rest of the business follows this highly qualified and capable lead, working closely as an organization to ensure that their clients come first at all times. What is clear from the team’s incredible work is that they have a wealth of experience to be shared with their clients. All that they advise is carefully tailored to suit the specific needs of their clients’ business in every respect. There is very little they do not understand about the world of industry, no matter what the sector. While each is unique, all are united in the fact that they want to ensure the growth of their company in their specific sector. With such breadth of knowledge behind them, it’s little wonder that the team at MA Global Consulting are the perfect choice for so many companies and how they have achieved such remarkable success. Company: Fedane Oussama Name: MA Global Consulting Email: