Legal Awards 2021

44 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Sep21485 Most Transparent Legal Services Provider - Chile For SMEs, the challenge is always finding a solution that suits their specific and unique needs. The team at MisAbogados not only see this gap in the market, but are determined to fill it as best as possible. Their success in the AI Legal Awards is a testament to the team’s astonishing skill. We take a closer look at find out more about how they’ve done it. he focus on legal services in Latin America begins with transparency. It’s not enough simply to deliver exceptional support to clients. The best in the business do so in a way that is transparent at all times. The team at MisAbogados has built their business around a model which ensures the best possible service alongside the most affordable pricing. The service at MisAbogados is specifically designed for their clients, offering unlimited legal services for SMEs through a range of subscription plans. Starting at $40 (USD) monthly, these plans offer comprehensive solutions to any challenges that might arise for a client. By focusing on making sure that all of their systems are of the highest quality as well as being thoroughly transparent at all times, the MisAbogados team have been able to achieve the remarkable. Finding the right people to make sure that MisAbogados is the success that it deserves to be is not an easy task. The best talent within the industry is not always the best fit for the team at MisAbogados. Their staff are not necessarily those with the highest qualifications, but those who have real life experiences that may or may not be related to law. Understanding the needs of a client, and the specifics of a unique situation, is something that cannot simply be learned, even in the best law firms. It comes from the heart. The culture of the company reflects this commitment to finding people who are determined to find justice for their clients. Everyone at MisAbogados knows that their professional development depends on the work that they complete. Thanks to a horizontal structure, alongside gender parity in key positions, the team have been able to thrive in terms of their staff. With everyone as comfortable as possible, they can focus on getting the job done for their clients. The challenges facing the team at MisAbogados are similar to those facing all legal service providers, with old systems and laws butting up against new and modern problems. This is true not only of the judiciary, but of the way in which the law is taught and run. While MisAbogados represents a fresh approach to the legal system, it still has to contend with those who have yet to catch up with their way of thinking that puts the needs of clients first at all times. Using the latest technology, the MisAbogados team have been able to offer a better experience than ever before. T Looking ahead, the future is very bright indeed, with MisAbogados on track to become the biggest legal company in Latin America. The team’s ambition, to help SMEs get easier access to law and justice, is closer than ever to full realisation. We celebrate their incredible achievement, and look forward to seeing what they achieve in the weeks, months and years still to come. Company: MisAbogados Name: Juan José Rentería Email: Web Address: