Legal Awards 2021

4 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Oct21619 Best Business Law & Tax Advisory Firm - Morocco Business law is its own unique specialization, requiring not only an incredible knowledge of law, but the ability to understand how it translates to a commercial environment. We take a look at MA Global Consulting following their tremendous achievement in the AI Legal Awards 2021 to appreciate more deeply how they have been able to achieve such incredible success. To succeed in business, it’s vital to have a good law firm to turn to. Legal issues in the commercial sector can traverse a wealth of different issues, ranging from national to international, and so the need to have a legal team who can match up to any challenge is vital. Business law means being able to reach into law ranging from deal advisory through to consumer law, taking care to protect personal data at all times. It’s immensely complex for even the most qualified of lawyers. Fortunately, the team at MA Global Consulting are not only incredibly qualified, but more than capable of meeting any challenge that arises for their clients. Their work is not only highly specialized, but able to incorporate a cross-disciplinary approach that meets the unique concerns of a client. When it comes to advising a client on what choice to take, there are a wealth of different factors at play and the MA Global Consulting team have a proven track record of taking the holistic approach that organizations in the corporate sector need to thrive in the industry. As the economic situation around the world continues to fluctuate, it pays to be able to trust a legal firm to meet you where you are. The MA Global Consulting team has always taken the time to truly understand exactly what is expected of them by clients, and then to meet these challenges head on. Specialists in corporate law and M&A, the team are ideally positioned to act as a one-stop-shop when it comes to helping businesses deal with issues arising from legal affairs and tax concerns. The MAGlobal Consulting team have become a nationally recognized name for businesses that are looking for support. With its four partners, alongside a wealth of employees to support them, the firm has expanded rapidly into one of the largest consulting firms in Morocco and one of the most renowned supporters of Moroccan business. The team also supports a range of multinational organizations in various different sectors, which demonstrates not only the ability of the team, but the trust that these companies hold in them. While the world of tax, legal and accounting can be immensely complex, especially when these issues are combined into a messy whole, the open-minded attitude behind the MA Global Consulting team ensures that their solutions are designed specifically to serve all the problems that have arisen. While focused on business law and T tax services, the team are experts at working alongside accountants during consolidation and general auditing, to advise businesses on how to get the most out of their employees, and how to run training and seminars that will support the businesses that their clients are running. This customized training establishes a strong pattern for continuous improvement. The solutions work alongside what has gone before, and are carefully calculated to ensure growth and development for their clients. Each case is special to the team at MA Global Consulting, and they have built their reputation case by case to reach their current position. The firm stands apart as one where every case is treated with the same care and attention, whether it is a small business of twelve employees or a large organization spanning 1,200. Over the years, the team have been involved in many aspects of the business world, assisting with the various legal procedures that might arise within a company at any point from its incorporation through to its liquidation. For those businesses that are involved with M&A, spin-off or partial asset contribution transactions, the team at MA Global Consulting are experienced in assisting clients throughout the transaction process. This means the team have experience in legal due diligence, contract negotiations and the management of foreign investment in Morocco to name but a few elements. A great deal of business law focuses on how a company operates internally, and MA Global Consulting is ideally equipped to support their clients on the nuances of labour law. Their solutions are created with the simple intention of organizing, preserving and fluidizing the company’s social relations. This clearly involves the drafting process, when it comes to employment contract clauses, as well as digging into the detail of employment contracts for foreign employees. No stone is left unturned when it comes to managing the needs of this vital part of the business world. Recently, however, businesses have found that the legal challenges they have found are directed towards personal data and cryptography. Over the last few years, it has become clear that there is a lot of money to made from data if used correctly, and legal standards have risen to match this change in circumstance. The team at MA Global Consulting are now experienced names in the industry when it comes to dealing with cases of declaration, the authorization of processing