Legal Awards 2021

38 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Sep21303 Foreign Investment Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2021 When John Kabealo launched Kabealo Law in 2018, it was to bring his incredible expertise to a whole new audience. In no time at all, his firm has become highly regarded indeed as the only firm recognized as expert in reviews that are undertaken by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. We take a closer look at why and how following his success in the AI Legal Awards. hen it comes to CFIUS reviews, there is no firm finer than that of Kabealo Law. Launched with the simple intention of delivering market-leading expertise to a broader segment of society, the team led by John Kabealo has managed to achieve remarkable success. Their skill and knowledge have allowed them to thrive since inception. The team at Kabealo Law are often called upon to work on various international trade and national security issues, with a reputation that has seen the team recognized as the only boutique firm that specializes in CFIUS reviews. That said, Kabealo Law offers a flexible approach to client service, able to address transactions at all stages of a company’s lifecycle. Whether it’s angel and seed-stage investments or IPOs, they are ideally positioned to help. This incredible achievement has been reached through a practical approach to client service that always prioritizes their specific needs. The firm’s team boasts deep and useful knowledge that can be carefully adapted to the benefit of all parties concerned as it involves not only the CFIUS process but the way in which this can interact with a range of different sectors. As such, advice from this team is not only always helpful, but designed specifically to be easily put into action. The world of CFIUS reviews has changed enormously since 2018, and Kabealo Lawhas had to adapt quickly to the expansion of CFIUSauthorities and the focus on regulating investments in early-stage companies. Before this, only sophisticated multinationals had the bandwidth to address CFIUS issues, but as the authorities focused on the needs of smaller companies, smaller law firms were needed to serve these clients. Those who work with Kabealo Law are delighted by the high quality of their work and the way in which they ensure that they can adapt to stringent budgets. A recent project undertaken by the team was completed for a tenth of the cost of one of the large DC multinationals, with a quality that is unparalleled throughout the industry. The team at Kabealo Law are entering a growth stage, attracting top- tier talent from international and national security regulatory law fields. Those who come to Kabealo Law have found satisfying work because they have a flexible approach to onboarding and an ability to adapt to secure the best in the business. The growth of the business will see no compromise in the incredible services that are to be delivered to clients. It’s easy to see why so many people have turned to Kabealo Law, W because no other firm supplies the same incredible service to the same high standard. Their success is something to be celebrated, and is why they have won such acclaim in the AI Legal Awards 2021. Company: Kabealo PLLC Name: John Kabealo Email: Web Address: