Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 37 Sep21586 Best International IP Specialist 2021 (UK): Céleste Reumert Refn nown as the Empress of Trademarks, Céleste is the leader of GRAND IPR®️ LTD. GRAND, in essence, has been created as a brand that exemplifies everything the founder herself stands for, from ambitious scale ups to helping business owners find their feet in a changing world, as well as aiding entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants in making a name for themselves in a corporate ecosystem that is forever in the midst of change and fluctuation. Fundamentally, by encouraging them to be their best selves, fostering bold new attitudes that allow them to seize the opportunities held within their business assets and stop holding back, Céleste’s clients often find that they can secure their trademark registration quickly and easily, and begin building an exemplary brand as a result. As a direct result of her work, she has developed a teaching tool in Academy: The Unique Branded Blueprint, which is a training course designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs to find the best brand their business can be. Her work has resulted in a variety of incredibly trademarks that have gone on to do great things. This, in essence, is Céleste’s life’s work, and something she is incredibly proud of; her efforts help companies and professionals to nail their business’s mission, principles, and aesthetics down right from the word go in order to create something that will withstand the passage of time and bring the founder great levels of success. Furthermore, each success story that has come from her work goes on to elevate her own brand name. As a professional mind operating in the industry of business advice, it must needs be remarked that Céleste has developed her own mission from the principles she seeks to inspire in the companies of others. Critically, she seeks to work with understanding, passion, and appreciation, working hard to get to know the client and their business on an interpersonal level so that the client feels truly understood and comfortable. This allows them to rest assured that they are putting their trust in the right person, as Céleste can demonstrate time and time again that she truly understands each and every one of her clients, working with them to develop a trademark that protects their intellectual property, takes the business to new heights, and secures their livelihoods. Along with more sustainable growth and better profits, this ensures K that a client’s place in the market will be well guarded. Essentially, by creating a trademark and defending one’s IP, a company can ensure that legally, no action can be taken by its competition that would destroy the market for the product, creating an amount of security that grants a large degree of peace of mind for a business. Céleste, happy to help each client with a dedication to the law that began when she was very young, is the only professional doing trademark filings teaching at her academy, and a solo trader who works only with proven sub-contractors. This allows her to guarantee quality, every time. Company: GRAND IPR®️ LTD Contact: Céleste Reumert Refn Website: GRAND IPR®️ LTD, owned and operated by one of the foremost leading voices in the world of trademark and intellectual property protection, is a company securing the future of business for its clients. By helping them register for unique, comprehensive, and legally compliant trademarks, Céleste operates as a solo trader who works in collaboration with her clients to create trademarks that she is confident will succeed. As it moves towards the future, having embarked on a French road trip with two successful vlog channels to further educate about the importance of trademarks, Céleste takes a moment to look back on the journey that has led her here.