Legal Awards 2021

26 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Sep21261 Best Criminal Law Firm 2021 - Italy Studio Legale Associato Forensis is an associate firm that mainly deals with criminal law. Announced as the Best Criminal Law Firm in Italy, Studio Forensis is made up of young professionals who deal with the entire judicial criminal area, from financial and banking crime to murder, fraudulent bankruptcy, or conspiracy and dealing with ‘white collar’ crimes. ennaro Caracciolo and Pierluigi Grassi founded Studio Legale Associato Forensis in 2015, and the two are responsible for assisting clients from the first notification of the proceedings to the final judgment. Overall, the firm’s clients are politicians, public administrators, entrepreneurs, and a part of common crime - particularly the so-called ‘red criminal’. Studio Forensis aims to support customers in finding the right solutions for each case. Overall, the desire to always get involved and continuously update is the key to working effectively as a legal firm. Gennaro, Co- Founder at Studio Forensis, states, “We do not follow the money but the desire to challenge. We are not interested in simple and easily profitable ways; we leave them to others. Instead, we are interested in the most complicated cases, the most difficult challenges, because these are the ones that stimulate us the most, even if they are pro-bono.” Studio Forensis constantly updates itself and keeps up with the frequent regulatory changes concerning criminal trials, as for the co-founders, evolution is integral to success in law. “People who approach this profession must be motivated and passionate. They must not only think about economic remuneration but must be projected towards their professional growth and constant deepening of the law.” Gennaro continues, “In life, people run into many problems, and sometimes these problems become trouble, which one may find themselves having committed or having to suffer- this is where the criminal lawyer comes in. We help solve such problems, and it takes long and thorough preparation to do this.” The Covid-19 pandemic was a tragedy for everyone, both on a human and professional level. However, like any tragedy, it must be taken as a starting point for a new beginning. Gennaro explains, “Beginning within the legal profession is the ‘remotization’ of work and the law, and the process will follow this trend over time. More space will be given to teleprocessing, and only up-to-date professionals open to new technologies will be able to keep up with the future to come.” To continue to be among the most important Italian law firms in the criminal sector, Studio Forensis must continue to do what it has always done; study, create winning defence strategies and be courteous to all those who deserve it. Gennaro explains, “The step of humility will never G abandon us. On the contrary, we will help those who cannot afford it through pro-bono causes, and it will remain a moment of enrichment.” 2021 has been a busy year for Studio Forensis, which has acquired the skills to advocate before the Higher Courts, while also engaging in the construction of a new office in Rome, near the Supreme Court. Studio Forensis already works all over Italy with its collaborators. The future enables the firm to hope for further collaborations throughout the national territory, in Rome and Milan in particular. Gennaro explains, “To emerge, we made a choice. We are in a relatively poor social context, and therefore, we cannot ignore it. We have chosen to accept pro-bono cases, and we have pursued them with the same attention as the others because we truly believe in justice and the fact that everyone has the right to be defended by good lawyers.” By working in this way, word has spread, and today, Studio Forensis is one of the youngest criminal firms in the south but with the greatest reputation for exceptional conscience in its work. It is for this reason that Studio Forensis has been recognised as the Best Criminal Law Firm 2021 at the AI Legal Awards 2021. Company Name: Studio Legale Associato Forensis Contact Name: Gennaro Caracciolo Web Address: Contact Email: