Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 25 Sep21306 Best Court Reporting & Interpretation Specialists - California egal Court Reporting Inc, a court reporting specialist company providing transcribers and reports to sit in all manner of hearings, motions, and trials, has made itself a true darling of its industry since its inception. With real time court reporters who are each court-approved, highly tried and tested, and incredibly reliable, Regal promises that no one does depositions better, and it reassures clients that if they don’t want to travel, they can instead partake in its live deposition technology. This takes a deposition remotely from a client’s own computer in a manner that is both user intuitive and secure, enabling the client to view the deponent and testimony in real time, accommodating multiple viewers into the bargain. This is all part of Regal’s ‘familial’ way of working. Fundamentally, it invites its clients to partake in a highly personalised and friendly feel as it works, giving the attitude and tenacity of a small business whilst operating with the flexibility and business acumen of a large enterprise level firm. This, in essence, is something that has been in development since Regal’s founding. Its CEO has always been dedicated to finding a way to merge small business friendliness with big business quality, and through its court approved real time reporters, videography, interpreters, and nationwide network of conference rooms, it has a wide array of technologies available for providing remote deposition and transcript services. Taking a good deposition can often be the cornerstone for lawyers trying to settle a client’s case. Regal knows this, and so wishes to make securing such a thing as easy and hassle-free as possible for its clientele. Moreover, due to this, each lawyer that it works with often R Providing exemplary court reporting, depositions, and transcripts with all manner of technologies and solutions, Regal Court Reporting Inc is streamlining the court experience for legal professionals in its region. In essence, it works with sensitivity and a true understanding of the challenges that lawyers face in a court-room setting, capturing the information that comes out of hearings, motions, and trials in order to ensure the legal professionals involved in a case have access to every single word. leaves it incredibly glowing reviews through its website, lauding its diligence, tenacity, and empathic nature as exemplary, leading to it being able to reach yet more clients as those same lawyers go on to recommend its services to peers and colleagues. In this way, its expert litigators have been able to win their cases based on the quality of the deposition reflected in the captured transcript. Depositions manage this by giving professionals in the legal industry a wholesale and comprehensive view of a specific case. It provides context, first of all; the proper spelling of nouns such as names and places, technical terminology, attorney names, and a caption before the deposition even begins all contribute to making a cleaner transcript with a faster turnaround time that is easy to use for all involved in resolving a case. Furthermore, a good deposition will give an immediate idea of any and all special circumstances. For example, a good deposition can be real-time expedited in order to give a rough version before the cleaned-up version, running as fast and efficiently as possible in order to give the legal professionals as fast as possible a turnaround time and making for a far more streamlined case. Regal also encourages courts to operate with short breaks every hour or two to further enhance the transcript’s quality. At its core, by sharing each of its tips and tricks, working in collaboration with its clients, and providing top-of-the-range work, Regal has made itself an invaluable part of the court reporting infrastructure in California Company: Regal Court Reporting Inc Contact: Isaiah Leslie Website: