Legal Awards 2021

22 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 CRM Platform of the Year 2021 OVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of all aspects of our society. The digital trend was already happening, but now, it’s imperative to the survival of businesses. Today, every company has to be able to work, pitch, sell, service, market, collaborate, and analyse data from anywhere. In a services-led industry, people buy from people. So, building trust, whether that is virtual or face-to-face, is what can differentiate law firms from the competition. From the Managing Partner or the firm’s CEO down, everyone needs to be fully immersed in digital and understand how technology can enable growth and the refocus on value add and complex tasks. Clients today expect law firms to understand them, personalise the relationships, be insight-driven and ultimately, deliver a superior client experience from anywhere. To do that at scale, law firms need a platform approach, such as Salesforce Client 360, that provides them with the ability to aggregate, access, connect, and apply the power of unified data. With a 360-degree unified view of the client, the critical lawyer-client relationship can flourish. Along with furthering insights and understanding, digital transformation can streamline operations, cut costs and improve accuracy. Likewise with a unified data set, law firms can now turn to automation, rather than using vital and expensive time to sort through siloed data and pages of legal text. Law firms are increasingly understanding that, in order to retain and attract new clients and build those trust-based relationships, becoming more connected, data-driven and innovative is non-negotiable. Law firms also need to play a larger role in society, and the expectation to balance financial return with social impact is greater than ever. With transformation, as well as sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals now heading to the top of the boardroom agenda, the ways an organisation addresses societal outcomes can define how they’re perceived; and failure to consider this could lead to erosion of public trust and loss of business. Businesses have been forced to embrace a more digital and global mentality, opening up a host of opportunities to law firms, which they should embrace to be future-ready. By becoming ever more data- driven and connected, law firms can achieve new relevance and deeper loyalty as well as higher levels of performance, personalisation, scale and sustainability. Salesforce believes business is the greatest platform for change and this is the big moment for business to address big issues that have C Around the world, companies have had to fundamentally rethink their operating models in response to COVID-19. We are moving to an all-digital work-from-anywhere world and the professional services industry is embracing whatever the new ‘business as usual’ looks like. From now on, remote work will just be work. E-commerce will just be commerce. Video meetings will just be meetings. The traditional ‘9-to-5 workday’ is no more. Contact: Philip Tate Email: Website: New Ebook: long existed in our world. Every company, government, and individual has a role to play in building a sustainable future - the climate crisis demands action to create a sustainable, low-carbon future for all. With regulatory changes soon coming into force requiring organisations to report ESG activity, it is essential law firms can demonstrate a clear climate action plan. Through digital sustainability solutions, law firms can monitor and address their ESG data in real- time. Combining analytics and integrated data-driven insights to make meaningful changes to their operations. With Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud, built on Salesforce’s Client 360 Platform, law firms can quickly track, analyse, and report reliable environmental data to take tangible steps to achieve carbon neutrality. Demonstrating a commitment to ESG and helping to address these issues builds trust with clients and prospective clients. The legal services sector makes a vital contribution to the UK economy and its post-pandemic recovery. The law firms that will emerge stronger are the ones that embrace change and don’t simply snap back to the way things were done before. This need to change, while retaining core values, is exacerbated by other challenges including a rise in competitors – such as specialised alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) and self-service platforms – and the increasing impact of AI and automation of legal processes. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reimagine how we work. With this comes the growing necessity to use the digital tools available to understand and respond to the needs and challenges of all clients and employees. Maintaining a holistic picture of your client base, personalise offerings, and being agile in what is offered is the key for law firms to continue to grow and prosper in this new pandemic world.